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Nolan N-62

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Padril, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. Hi all
    I am thinking of getting the nolan N-62 I like the look and fill of the helmet
    I currently have a N-102 but its a very heavy helmet and noisy and actually hurts my neck a bit. Anyone have a N-62 and have some thoughts on it, or recommended a good similarly priced helmet they are around $300 to $350

  2. I had the older N-61 which is very similar to N62.
    I now have an N102.

    If you fit the Nolan helmet shape then the N62 are brilliant helmets.

    Yes they are quieter and lighter than an N102 because they don't
    have the flip mechanism. In fact, my N61 was the quietest helmet I
    ever owned, and I've owned a lot of helmets. If my current 3 helmets
    were all stolen, I'd happily buy an N62 or similar Nolan without any worries.
  3. I ended up buying the x-lite x801 and its such a nice helmet a lot lighter and very quiet and very comfortable.
    and a lot easier on my neck which was the main reason for the change and helmets but i wanted to stick with nolan as have always liked there look there and fill of them on my head.
  4. I bought an N62 for my gf, it was all we could find to fit her head. Build quality seems fine, it was good value for money and it seems like a relatively quiet helmet (she never wants earplugs). So all in all, quite a positive experience so far, definitely recommend it.
  5. This is an absolutely fantastic helmet. I would normally follow that up woth - 'for the price' but honestly it's great and I would have paid another $400 for it. It's light, quiet, looks great (I have Casey's replica). By the way, X-lite and Nolan as far as I know are one and the same.... look at the N^@ Nolan and they have X-lite on it somewhere... another thing that stands out is the visor mechanism, it just closes smooth and easy to open etc. compared to similar priced AGVs that feel clunky and cheap overall, great helmet.
  6. Thats nice to know, I've got an N61 but its my first helmet so I got nothing to compare with. I also ride around no earplugs on my cruiser - admittedly it has stock pipes. I do find it whistles a bit if I have the visor any higher than the first open notch. Again I've nothing to compare with though so maybe others whistle even louder :)