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Nolan Helmets- N84

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by LCGTR1970, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Hey all
    i saw in my local bike shop a Nolan N84 helmet. It has a second tinted visor which is half the size of the clear visor, that can be pulled down when needed.
    I just want to know if anyone has tried/owns one of these helmets.
    They seem like a good light helmet and its a great idea, but i was wondering how they go for wind noise, especially when they are flipped up.

  2. I own one and use it regularly. The tinted visor is kinda handy in eliminating the need to carry sunnies around, however the line between tinted and clear does sit rather high so may be annoying on something like a cruiser. On a naked or sportsbike though it works reasonably well, darkening out the sky yet leaving your instruments and the road directly ahead of the bike clear. However on serious twisty sections I still tend to move the tinted portion out of the way as much as possible as the line between the two I find way too distracting when the bike's fully leaned over.

    Having the tinted portion fully up does create a ridiculous amount of wind noise, however putting it just one click down (which only tints out a small portion of the sky) eliminates virtually all of this as it stops the wind getting trapped between the two visors. Only other real downside to having the tinted visor up is that bugs tend to get trapped on the inside, and can be a pain to clean off without removing the tinted portion entirely (easy to remove, tricky to re-install). It also tends to cause a certain degree of scratching on the clear visor, but this is only on the extreme edges so doesn't interfere with visibility.

    Overall I've found it a very good helmet for the price. Although the twin visor system has it's quirks it's certainly a lot more convenient than swapping visors or having to carry a pair of sunnies around with you (plus the tinted visor can be removed if necessary). Have not yet tested the anti-fog insert under serious winter conditions, but have heard/read only good things about it.
  3. I bought one as a replacement to the Xpeed crap I first bought and I loved it until I took a spill in it. Insurance payout got me a new shoei which actually fits better.
    The twin-visor is a blessing if you're going out somewhere between day and night and I agree with jd's comments about wind noise etc.
    After I think 2 years now the main visor doesn't stay up if I open it anymore (I open and close it a lot) but other than that it's fantastic.
    And the fog insert that comes with it, is FREAKIN FANTASTIC! Just leave it in all the time and you never ever worry about fogging up.

    If it fits you, get it. Retail here I've found between $360 and $400.
  4. I too was looking for a helmet with a in-built tinted visor and decided on the HJC IS-16.
    This model has the visor behind the main visor and can easily be lowered with a slider on the top rear of the helmet..
    This design also keeps the tinted visor clean unless you ride with the main visor open which I do on occasions.

    Awsome for those days where it constantly changes from sunny to cloudy or particularly when the sun comes out after rain and blinds you on the wet roads.
    Comes in a sh&tload of colors too.