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Nolan Helmets and their after sales service.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wisc, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Just got back from speaking with the NOLAN rep about my helmets visor, basically the helmet visor has become very badly scratched between the anti fog mechanism and the external visor. (the inner anti fog visor has been rubbing the external visor causing scratches between the visor and the fog layer) I know the helmet is getting old (4 years) and expect wear and tear, however, this issue was directly caused by Nolan's own device/equipment and has reduced the life of the visor in general. In other words I don’t expect something I bought from Nolan would reduce another part of the helmets lifespan… these scratches where also noticeable half way though the helmets life less than a few years into it, i didn't realize there was a guarantee at that time.

    I bought the defective visor into the shop the rep was visiting because I found that the helmet visor had a 5 year scratch warranty (after finding some old paperwork), which now I understand after talking to the rep(which is why I’m so annoyed ), apparently doesn’t cover these types of scratches… if it doesn’t cover these types of scratches what does it cover!?!?

    The anti fog system was on as tightly as it could be but still allowed movement. This is a design fault.

    They do have a warning (in the fine print) stating “the presence of dust between the visors can produce scratches on both surfaces†which the rep was quick to point out... hmm thanks for the warning Nolan ill be sure to ride my bike only in dust free areas from now on! Look out scientific dustless facilities here I come!

    So in short I’m not happy with Nolan, one part has reduced the lifespan of the visor, new visor is 55 bux plus I want a tinted one another 55 bux… I think ill just put the 110 dollars towards a new helmet(one that comes with a tinted visor)… and guess what… it wont be a Nolan one!
  2. You've almost reached the lifespan of the helmet. You should replace them every 5 years or so.
  3. yep thats why i said
    but the scratches where there at 2 and a half years...

    meant to say it was almost replacement time, but its annoying the visor fell short of it(replacement time) more than a year anyway...
  4. My initial though was "what's he whinging about", but then I read it had a 5 year warrantee against scratches.

    What type of scratches is it supposed to cover?

    I'm looking for a new helmet at the moment and if this is the Nolan importers attitude I will scratch them from my list.
  5. I don't know how much riding you do, but I tend to replace my visors well before the helmet. Just natural wear and tear on the externally facing visor part will cause it to degrade. It's amazing what you get used to.
  6. Good luck finding a fog free visor that works as well as the one you're complaining about.
  7. this is too funny.. are you serious or just a troll.. mate you got 4yrs out of a visor.. fark.. mine dont last 12 months before the scratches start pissing me off..

    if you're happy with the helmet spend the $50 and get another visor.. it seems though that you are at fault for getting dust in it which caused the scratching in the 1st place - no ???
  8. No the fog system to the visor is loose causing it to rub, no matter how tight the screws are. if it weren't for the fog system the visor would still be fine, so your saying that its fine for the fog system to damage the visor - no ???

    regardless of what you get from 'your visors' that doest make the scratching any more right.
    oh also the scratches are at the top and the bottom of the fog system, where it moves the most, if it where from dust it would be thought the whole fog system.

    daily rider, minimum 60 km per day, weekends maybe more, so not a to bad a ride each day :)... ill have to read the fine print on the grantee when i find it again (packed after going though all my paper work from moving house).
  9. LOL... $55 divided by 1460 days is 3c per day

    good value I reckon..
  10. My last visor lasted about 6 months, it's only $55 for a new one. :wink:

    I am not familiar with the system you've described, but I assume the scratches are in your field of vision & not on the side where the visor hinges?

    Anyway, I realised that I had scratched my visor myself, by rubbing it with my glove to remove water, so I replaced. Not to put too fine a point on it, but was there something you could have done to prevent the scratching?

    If it was a genuine fault, then it seems a bit shitty to blow you off like that.

  11. not use the anti fog system that you pay extra for!
    scratches occur on the visor naturally I'm not concerned about those(manufacturer cant do much about normal wear and tear). its the inch wide white scratches all the way along the top caused by the anti fog system that they sell that annoy me!

    damn that's sucky your visor couldn't handle wiping with a glove, must have been extremely soft..
  12. Maybe, yeah, but I was riding through early morning fog at the time, wiping every 30 secs or so! I was wearing my summer gloves which don't have a softpatch or rubber wiper. Won't make that mistake again.

    Sound like you had a faulty unit, maybe put something in writing to press the point. Good luck though!
  13. I've got the same Nolan with the same insert. Was pretty well scratched up (Due to the antifog rubbing) within 6 months. I wasn't aware about the warranty, guess I should read more. I ended up switching to an Rjays Striker and the antifog that sticker to the visor, so no chance of it scratching. Had it about 3months, no complaints so far.