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Nokia N95

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Looking at getting one of these phones for a short time till Android becomes mainstream and I'm able to get a phone with it.

    I'm thinking of a Nokia N95 but need to know if I am able to use it as a HSDPA modem.

    My dopod atm is piss easy, Start|Programs|Internet Sharing|Connect and I'm online with my lapflop via usb.

    This feature I use a lot so need to be able to get it working with minimal fuss.

    Anyone out there confirm that it's doable with minimum fuss?
  2. I cannot confirm as such. But I have a new Nokia E65. Connect to lappy via USB, install Nokia software on lappy and Xp saw the phone as a modem. The 95 should be equally as easy, perhaps check out the Nokia website?
  3. If you like your Dopod why not go to the D810 Also selling as the HTC P3600.
    Or go the whole hog and look at the HTC P4550 which is the same PDA/GPS/Phone but with a keyboard.
    Here is teh full HTC Product set (And all of teh other names they are sold under)
  4. If you get the N95 from Telstra (N95-3) then it works with Next G. You can use it as a modem with a laptop, as well as browsing the net on the phone itself. (you can rotate the screen orientation for enhanced viewing)

    If you get one from elsewhere, its the standard N95 which does not work on Next G. (3G only, no HSDPA)

    I've had one for a few weeks now and I love it. I'm just about to hook it up to the plasma TV at work for a demo on Mail for exchange (n95 has TV out). Might see how quake runs on it too :grin:

    Only pain so far is that it doesn't charge from a standard USB cable.
  5. I like the HTC family but i've seen some disasters with regards to the HTC Touch Dual which is the handset that I really like.

    I forgot to mention that i'm on a contract with 3 that is about to finish and they are wanting to lock me in for a further 2 years by tossing a new handset at me. I don't see me moving for another couple of years so I might as well score a new handset to use from now until Android is released then buy a new handset.
  6. I know the HTC P4550 is a 3 handset, and i think the D810 is also. NFI What they name it
    I have a friend at work who has a HTC P4550, and watching him with it is almost a sexual thing (It is quite disturbing really)
    Here is the spec
  7. It looks like you guys are speaking English. I mean, it really sounds like English but...

    :shock: :?
  8. ^Says the science fiction writer in a thread about mobile phones ;)
  9. I have a HTC Tytn II, and love and loathe it.

    It is Windoze mobile, so it occasionally forgets it's a phone. In fact it tends to think it is a washing machine. Battery life would be fine if it had one. From a full charge to flat in 6 hours with (what I call) moderate use. If you make and get no calls, the battery will last two days. The life is halved for each call.

    The good parts make me ooze fluids which cause embarrassing stains. And it is skinnable, so you can make it act like an i-phone when it is not on spin cycle.

    Yeah, this has HSDPA.

    My eldest has a N95-8Gb, which he loves. It is on 3, so I will get him to try it and see. He is at uni, so he will need to sober up first.
  10. Cheers, this is the one that I'm looking at to "upgrade" to.

    I mean, when it comes time to buy a new phone then i'll look at a serious phone but the opportunity exists to grab a new "free" phone till Android is released.
  11. I was talking to a guy I know who works for Telstra about the N95 and he was telling me about a software glitch that shows up from time to time. I currently have a N80 that will freeze up during calls or the vibrate will lock on continuously while in use. Some times it fixes itself, others I have to pull the battery out. So I was talking about upgrading to the N95 and he told me that they have been experiencing the same problem (not as common or as often though). This was about 4 mths ago so the software could have been fixed by now.
  12. The N96 is far hornier than the N95 but all the droids at 3, when asked reply with "huh??"

    I'd rather not torment those Karachi folk
  13. What's "android"?

    And Vic you looking at the N95 8 gig or the model without 8 gig? I believe that the 8 gig model isn't NextG which is a pity as that is what we want (a NextG model with 8 gigs).
  14. http://code.google.com/android/

    I'm with 3, NextG is smelstra. A couple of the blokes I work with have the 8GB and are with 3.

    Or am I just too far smashed to understand it all ;)
  15. N95 works as a modem no problems bluetooth or cable,

    I'm on my third HTC Touch Dual in as many weeks and this one seems ok , Imate are releasing 9502 and 8502 thru Telstra in the next few weeks, im gonna check them out , or will get a HTC touch cruise.(wifi and Gps) as im quite liking the functionality of the touch dual
  17. *cough*

    Good point. Carry on.

  18. got myself one of these, im on a plan, i pay $49 and $19 handset repayments with 3, I have the 8GB version, much better than the previous N95's !

    i've racked up $160 in bills already, and i've only had it for like 2 weeks :(
  19. I take it that you're not on a capped plan, then?

    Over how many months is the repayment plan? Telstra NextG has them for $100 a month (repayment included in total bill). Or you can buy it outright for around $1,200.

    Still an expensive toy, particularly if you're not a business user who can't claim it back on tax or business expenses.

    Anyway, I'm over the whole internet browsing on a mobile. I've yet to find a mobile that does it so that you can read the web pages, and most sites don't make wap friendly pages anyway. Closest is probably BoM with its text only pages.
  20. im on $49 cap $300 included calls, i think i racked up the $160 cause three charge $4 a MB for using the internet(unless you pay $xx so much a month for their net packages), and i did a few speed tests on the net to see how fast the connection was, it must have chewed a hell of a lot :(