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noisy neighbour

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by russ, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. politely ask him to be quiet again

  2. call the rental group

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  3. call the police

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  4. firebomb the junksl*t and watch him burn

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  1. I have an issue with my neighbour. *sigh*

    at about 1230am every night(morning) he turns his stereo on loud.
    and I mean loud.

    he's been doing it randomly since moving in but in the last 4 days he's done it continuously. and it has been getting more frequent in general

    the first night my gf busted over there before I'd even woken up and was yelling at him :furious: :LOL:
    I'm working 15 hour days at the moment and am getting a bit tired, feeling a bit aggressive about the whole thing. but i can imagine taking extreme options would result in repercussions like bikes accidentally falling over when i'm not around...
    the question is what do I do now?
  2. First Politely ask him, then call the cops if he doesn't respond favorably.
    Note. Do not firebomb after calling the cops, it is a bad combination
  3. If your gf has already spoken to them then it's time to try something new. Call the police AS WELL as calling the rental group.
  4. Just speak to him about it during the day (Not while the music is on) and explain your situation.

    If he kepps on doing it go over with a baseball bat and smash the stereo onto a million pieces :)
  5. sounds like he's trying to cover up something...
    he may be constructing, or deconstructing (getting rid of a body etc.)
    or he's digging out of there.

    Approach him first and ask politely, apart from GF giving him a serve, chances are he probaby doesn't know it's too loud for you.
    You may be neighbours for a long time, so better to try and find a peaceful solution, only get authorities involved when things are clearly not gonna sort themselves out.

    p.s. are you sure he hasn't got someone locked in his cellar?
    be alert but not alarmed.
  6. No firebombing we must be all pacifists on this forum.
  7. aww
    [-o< [-o<
    please ?

    I had so set my hopes on that...

    the rental people option has been taken... seems the least aggressive with the most likely gain...


    maybe a call to the terrorist hotline is the way to go :LOL:

    would be fun to watch the task force go to task on the guy...
  8. As others have said, approach the guy and see if he's reasonable.
    If he doesn't agree then speak to the Body Corporate (if you have one). If still nothing is done call the cops. Most councils have a noise statute which prohibits noises over a certain level after 11pm and before 8am. You get hit with a nasty fine for it too.
  9. i had Just this Exact problem with my neighbour
    last week
    8 pm on a wednesday night
    they started Jamming and by 11 pm
    i thought thats IT the later it gets the louder it gets
    so me in my jammies i go over and nearly put my fist through the screen door
    hmm not heard OK thats IT i have had Enough and In i go Teddy Bear jammies and Dressing gown and floppy slippers i have to follow the sound through the house and find them and me walking in MAD AS A HELL CAT they stop and i start informning them that 11 pm on a week night is BULLS*^& T and that my logger man starts work at 4 am and he cant sleep which in turn Pizzes me OFF so shut the F%&# k UP ,.the house owner says why didnt you come to the window or knock i said BECAUSE YOU CANT HEAR ME IDIOT and he blushes,the other guys appologise and leave shortly after i am back in the door of my place ,
    the next day After this guy gets home from work i go straight out and say i am sorry for barging in your house last night but PLEASE he has to rest he drives heavy machinery 14 hours a day,he says he should be the one appologiseing and we have a good chat about his music (is Good ) problem solved,he NOW knows who not to get mad
  10. You could always go and turn his power off :grin:
  11. Or you can get earplugs........or buy him headphones?
  12. how bout stealing his identity and ruining his life...he lives right next door so getting his mail won't be a problem, then once you have all his info and are now 'him' go out and hock up heaps of cool stuff....soon he'll have debt collectors running after him and he'll have to move to get away from them :twisted:

    or you could go have a face to face chat and see if there is some way to resolve the issue peacefully ;)
  13. I did this once, well kind of. The STUPID dope across the road decided that AFTER the party that he threw until 4:00am one Saturday night (which I let go cause it was a 1 off thing) he'd turn the music back on at 6:30am.

    I simply walked up to his house, open the metre box and pulled the main fuse out, popped it in my pocket and walked off. I returned at 3:00pm and replaced it.
  14. Good thinking 99. If only we all had the old style fuses and not the new flick type ones.
  15. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I would love to think of my Les Paul and Marshall Cab as weapons of mass destruction.

  16. Of course you could always get 20 or so Netriders (preferably with Harleys) to park their bikes outside while you go in and ask.

    For some reason the sight of lots of bikes seems to intimidate some people :LOL:
  17. Great suggestion Tony :applause:

    now HAND UP those going :blackeye:

    i cant my lil ducky aint threatening enough :rofl:
  18. Where and when... :grin:

    although I'm not sure that either the Beemer or the Spada would really intimidate anyone :?
  19. take the muffler off the bike that'll get him scared :shock:
    the more noise the badder ya seem :shock: hm me thinkz thats how it works :rofl: Oh and make sure some one sneakes up and pulls his power first :driver:
    although i am curiouse why none of the other neighbours have said nothing :-k
  20. Not even then :cry:

    We could get Glen though he looks scary (until you know him :wink: )- and get Chairman on his SR500 - thaat's loud enough to be heard over anyone's music :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: