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Noisy knob Harley men

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by kellyvk, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Was heading up the main road, and i saw this Bike pulled to the side.
    When i got closer, thats when he decided to pull out.. Noisy as buggery-he may have realised what he did, then decided to cain it a bit. Talk about noise pollution, they can contribute. My point is,
    1: Look around before pulling out.
    2: Do you have to act like a tough dude? Guess so..
    But really, we are all skeletons underneath.
    Just because you have Tattoos, or facial hair or a vest or a Tough as bike,
    you can still be nice. I mean, its your choice, but if i had to choose, id go with the nice. Most people that act tough, dont realise how silly they can look.

  2. absolute LOLS. what are you on about?
  3. Ha Ha, you sound really mad!!!! Id hate to cross you!!! Some people get into motorbikes cause they lack a little something, if you know what i mean. You can usually tell who they are, they are all on harleys. You will rarely see them nod, rarely see any decent protective gear. They are so tough the road cant hurt em, so b careful around them :grin:
  4. You don't like the sound of a big V-Twin on song.... sigh.... Welcome to the world of being an individual.
  5. Mate, he was riding a Massey Ferguson, what did you expect, a kiss? :p on second thoughts thats actually quite likely fronm an HD queen
  6. :roll:
  7. don’t mind a Harley myself and if I had enough money to buy a second bike it may just be a harley.. but I know what you mean… some wave and are really cool dudes like the one that rode in our annual childrens xmas toy run… but others.. sheese… talk about a stick up the rectum… and that “my shyt don’t stink" look on their faces…

    but it doesn’t bother me either way.. I’ll keep riding the way I ride and I’ll wave and nod at every bikie I see.. (cept for scooter riders ;) )
  8. haha sounds like a real arseclown.... Nice to be able to twist the wrist n shoot past 'em. Guess that makes two arseclowns instead of one! lol!
  9. No i wouldnt want a kiss from a stuck up Mr tough man. But i just wanted to say, just because they think they're heroes, doesn't mean they own the road. Rebels :roll:
  10. There's about as many dumbass posers on Harley's as there is sportsbikes... As far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter if its noise or speed that floats your boat as long as you enjoy the ride.
  11. i ride (a loud Honda) and i vote.

    i nod at all riders, and wave at kids in the back of cars too.

  12. Are you in the right section?? Thanks for letting us know you vote. Very kind..
  13. Well Said Nel... and thats how it should be! :wink:
  14. :roll:
    you spanker.....

    i trust you shared this opinion with the person at the time??
    no, didnt think so. keyboard warriors :roll:
  15. :wink:
  16. I ride a ((( LOUD ))) Harley and wave at kids, nod at others and hopefully never pull out infront of other road users.

    I even had the funny occasion of being behind a bus at the lights with kids at the rear winda. They waved ,I waved back and they gave me a dance lol.

    I have tattoo but dont wander through life with a tougher than thou attitude as when all is said and done we all bleed when we hit the black top.

    Help others when they are on the side of the road(car or bike)

    I even let the occasional kid sit on my bike when its the correct time to do it and with mothers ect permissions
  17. :)
  18. its a play on words, that suggests i have the right to my own opinions, as does each and every one of us in this top country in which we live.
  19. Pfft, takes more bollocks NOT to get a tattoo now than to get one. Anyway.

    Grow up. They're having fun. And I'm with Future... A V-Twin sounds gorgeous. If I was able to afford a second bike I wouldn't half mind an old Sporty.
  20. Thats the way mate, VTWINS are music to the ears.