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Noisy Brakes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by oohsam, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Hey all.
    My brakes on my bike are noisy. I cant work out if its the back or front coz the problem is intermittent and when I hit both brakes its loud, but when I release one the sound goes away, wether its the back or front..lol..I think its got to do with my speed that im doing, and once i apply the brakes to make the noise, when i remove one brake, im going too slow for the noise to happen. Anway...

    1. Is it normal for brakes to be noisy on a brand new bike. I know they need to bedd in but its done 200kms already that should be enough i thought.
    2. Its not a squeek, its a moan kind of noise. maybe they need to be oiled (JOKE people, I know u dont oil brakes haha...but some noob once on a car forum suggestied it) lol.
    3 Is i tjust the brand of brake pads. I know EBC's are not noisy..
    Thanks all.

  2. Probably glazed due to continued light applications....do a couple of hard stops with them,
  3. Hyosungs are renown for there shit brake pads,upgrade them and problem solved :wink:
  4. My fronts are noisy. Have been from day 1.
    They work so I'm not worried.
    Some pads make noise some dont.
    Check for uneven wear on the disks. If they look ok dont worry about it.
  5. Cool> Im not worried coz they do work..lol. But its annoying as hell (not to mention slightly embarrasing pulling up at the lights witha hottie lookin at u funny from ur fugly noise.)...
    I'll try some hard stops then i'll change em if problem persists.
  6. what kind of noise? squeal or rumble/grinding?

    if its squeal its most likly shitty pads, if its gringing it could be fitted wrong or wrong type (if they are new)
  7. um its like a MOANING noise. Not grinding. I'd be all over it if it was grinding. I've done alot of work on cars so Im clued up with maintenance.
    I just thought the sound would go away when the breaks heat up a little when cold I can expect this noise but yeah..
  8. Actually she's looking at you funny because you ride a Hyosung :D

    But yes, probably just shit pads, pads are cheap buy new ones and see if it makes a difference. (Remember to put some antisqueal grease on the backs before you put them in)
  9. heheh...The hottie wouldnt know what im riding becuase there are no decals on the bike...

    : )

    (no offence ladies....its just the demographic that most girls only know what car/bike it is by the stickers/badges but the 10% who do know...I got love for ya!)

    Thanks for the tip.
  10. you think 10% know.. wow your generous. :p
  11. It could just be a sound as a result of the discs being cross-drilled. I know my dad's HSV R8 which has huge cross drilled brembo brakes makes a moan sounds when you brake heavily.

    He has also noticed that noise before his bikes. (Duke Monster 900, Duke 998S)

    It doesn't sound too bad, as long as the bike doesn't vibrate when you brake.

    If you're worried take it back to the dealer to get them to look at it.

    Happy Riding!