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VIC Noise Levels???

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ckdt15, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I am new to the forum and have a question.

    I have been riding since November 2010 and am on my probationary license. I ride a Ducati 400ss which I purchased from Peter Stevens and is on the LAMS list (even though every officer who has pulled me over has told me it is not)

    On one of my rides I was pulled over, for around the fourth time since I have had the bike to be told once again that I am not able to ride the bike on my probationary license, after explaining and showing them a LAMS list which i now keep a copy of on my phone they tested the bike for several things and concluded that it was too loud.
    I have just received the letter in the mail saying that unless I go and remedy the noise level of my bike within the month then I will be taken to court???

    My question is this. My motorcycle has no custom pipes and was bought as is from Peter Stevens! It is loud for a LAMS bike however is nowhere near as loud as any harley or higher powered ducati etc etc... on the road. Therefore what am I to do, they are telling me I have to pay to go have the bike tested when it has already passed its compliance and roadworthy less than four months ago????
    Should I take it to Peter Stevens and ask them why they sold me an un-roadworthy bike?

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of Victoria Police motorcycle harrassment.

    There's a good chance that nothing is wrong with your bike (athough you never know with Ducatis ;)), but the system allows the police to continually force you to get your bike re-tested at your expense.

    You can't do anything until you pay to get a test done. If it's over the noise limit, you could talk to PS, and good luck with that.

    If it's not, try and shove it up the issuing officer if possible, but you can't get your money back. Carry a copy of the test on the bike in case it happens again. You can politely show the next cop that you're trying to obey the law and they might be more reasonable. If it happened two or three times it's time to take it to a formal complaint to VP over harrassment. If you want.

    You aren't the first and you won't be the last, mate.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I was pretty sure this would be the answer. The bike was apparently 102db and if i'm not mistaken the limit is 94db.

    On the night it happened I asked the officer if I was in trouble or if I should take my bike somewhere to get it checked he shrugged and said "not sure" and got into the car and left. Really pisses me off that he didn't just tell me what was going on!
  4. 102 according to the meter being operated by someone who wants to steal your money with a fine, or 102 according to someone who's getting paid either way?
  5. 102 on the side of the road from someone who may not be properly trained to use the meter doesn't mean that it will be over when it's professionally tested. If it is over then yes, you do have a case against whoever issued the RWC. If it's not, carry a copy of the test with you.

    Start by being polite to PS (it probably won't get you anywhere but you never know) and escalate it from there.

    As for the LAMS - do you have LAM on your rego sticker? If not, go and get a new one from VicRoads - you should get if free because it's a mistake.
  6. I received an EPA notice in the mail on Monday this week.

    Any cop that sees you and thinks your bike may be loud can send you one via the EPA.

    You must now go to one of the licences testers listed on the back of the notice, pay them about $39.00 to have your exhausts tested.

    If your bike is still fitted with the factory exhausts then you should have no problem. However, over time all pipes wear out and thus yours may be over the limit. So, that means you are going to need to replace them - cos they are worn out.

    Circumventing the test is easy - is you possess a set of standard pipes, not fitted to the bike, that can be "rotated" every time you get one of these pesky EPA notices. That is to say, if you don't have stock pipes fitted - then you should make sure you always keep the original pipes that came with the bike - so that you can fit them and go and do the test - then come home and put the normal pipes back on.

    If only the cops realised that they are wasting their time sending anyone EPA notices... But, because there is a law that says they can - they continue to do it. Stupid cops actually believe that by doing sop that they are gunna make the world a quieter place. What a joke - more fool them I say.

    Don't expect any sympathy, as nobody really cares about this subject. Just go and get your bike tested and send in the form. If your bike fails - then I feel sorry for you because you will have to fork out for replacements - that is if you don't have the originals....
  7. A police officer had a noise level meter?
  8. Noticed that the latest StupidCheap Auto brochure has them advertised.
  9. Yea! seemed a bit nervous about what he was doing however, fumbling around like an idiot!
  10. Sorry guys to butt in, but its something I cant understand. There are some very, very loud bikes and I have always wondered how they can ride around and not be fined.

    Case in point I was at the lights and a very loud Harley type bike was stopped & a police car was in the left lane. The bike took of very loudly and the police followed the rider for a few hundred metres and then turned down a side street.

    So I thought it must be OK, to make that noise.

  11. I know it makes no sense, my father rides harleys and his bike is louder than a jet plane.
    He cant understand how I have been pulled over 4 times in 3 months and he has never been pulled over on any of his harleys to date.
    When we ride together even if we are 300m apart i still cant hear my bike over his.
    Nice consistency Vic police, keep up the good work!
  12. Harleys are often owned by people with money to burn who are willing to spend money taking things to court, they're not the pushover targets that the police prey on.
  13. be ready for an epa blitz in the next few weeks thanks to this thread
    IT happens like clockwork.
  14. So instead they have to break my balls. Great!
  15. The simple answer to your question is "rotary pipes".

    The system is:

    A. Cops see you and gets EPA to send you a notice.

    B. Those bikes you see simply take their loud pipes off and put their quiet "rotary pipes" on and then go in for the test.

    C. Having passed the test, these riders return home and switch their pipes back.

    D. Out they go and wait for the next EPA notice, which for most comes rarely cos they aren't out on the road all that much.

    E. Result? Roads are no quieter and one EPA tester is $39.00 richer.

    Get it? The legislation is a joke. The cops are a joke...... end of rant.

    And no - the cops probably noted that guys ergo and he will be receiving an EPA notice in the mail. They don't need to stop him......
  16. Harleys (and many other cruisers) are measured at a different level to other bikes.

    I'll try and find the correct numbers but what I do remember is Harleys measured at 2500rpm and other manufacturers 3000rpm.
    Not sure if they're allowed a higher db as well...

    Here's how they should be set up for testing.

  17. Variations of the revs at which the test is made vary between types of bike - yes.

    But the the noise limit for all bikes is 94 dB.
  18. Your fine has nothing to do with noise. You were pulled over, police thought they had an instant fine fro you being on a bike outside your class (LAMS). When you showed more knowledge of the law than them (not at all hard today) you were a target and they weren't leaving without fining you for SOMETHING.
    This is what happens when the entry qualifications for the various police forces are lowered year after year. You end up with people who were either bullies, or were bullied at school joining up, wanting to avenge their sad little lives by ****ing everyone over. The bonus is, they get rewarded via promotion for booking more people, so it is self perpetuating.
    Let's face it, who would join the police force to "make a difference" any more? If you truly wanted to join the force and do that, how would you reconcile taking money from motorists for driving 1km/h over?
  19. So true. Sometimes you'll get one that leaves it as a rego check if your attitude is right. If you do get an angry little man you can try abject grovelling but how strong is your stomach?

    What I want to know is, are VP now officially issued with noise testing devices?
    Didn't know about that one. Same as the EPA rig? Smee's alert on a noise blitz is timely.
  20. I was measured at 4000rpm!!!!
    The officer and I had a chat about the bike and even a laugh, thats the worst part, i asked if I needed to do anything, or if I was getting fined or anything and he told me no, then I received this damn letter over a month later.