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Noise Complaint: Neighbours dont want my bike in carpark.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by junkie750r, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Old Man in back units complained about my noisy bike being parked in our basement carpark. :twisted:

    Truth is my bike is not noisy but 3 times a fortnight i leave here at 4:15am and being a basement car park, noise vibrates of each wall and increases volume by atleast 3 times.

    Old man asked if i could quieten my bike down, i told him i just spent 400 on a new muffler and its heaps quietter.Old man asked me to park in street, I told him insurance wont cover it. Old man asked me to take my car when i start early mornings. I said its not an option. Old man goes mad and threatens to stop me parking down in garage.

    Im paying off the unit so he cant exactly complain the real estate. What sort of actions should i be expecting. Can he do something about it.[/b]
  2. Guess it depends how much rallying he can do of other residents in the units. Might get some malicious damage one day to your bike, always check your brakes. Not trying to make you paranoid but I had a bugger where I last lived cut the hydraulic lines on my pushy because it was locked where he just happened to want to put his bin.

    Buy him a nice pair of earplugs and hope for the best. :)
  3. Tell him to get fcuked as he can't do anything about it.
    Another option would be to push your bike out as far as possible then start it.
  4. He can complain to EPA if noise troubles are from your bike while it
    is on a public road and the volume is illegal. If he does this you *might*
    get a letter from them indicating that someone has complained and
    you "really ought to get your bike checked" (but don't actually have to).

    He could complain to police who would not be interested, unless they pulled you over themselves, on a public road making too much noise.

    He can complain to Council if you create excessive motor noise in activities
    other than arriving or leaving the premises (e.g. doing late-night tuneups).
    It's a zoning issue. Council don't care about arriving or leaving, only
    if you are using the residential district for industrial work.

    He could complain to the body corporate of the apartments who probably
    think he's a whinger and they probably can't take much action unless your
    bike breaches one of the rules above.
  5. if the bike is under legal noise limits nothing he can do.
    offer to take him for a ride, odds are he's just a frustrated biker who never got the chance.
    may be he sleeps with his window open, if you know the days your going to work early go round the night before with a beer and have a drink with him, tell him your going early and sugest he close doors/windows.

    Or you could just kill him i guess
  6. tell Old mate to f**k off.
  7. My neighbour's dog barks at ungodly hours, so I push my bike to out front of their place, and start it there.

    Of course if there's somebody in your life who's p*ss*ng you off, and they live 2 suburbs over, forget i said anything.
  8. some real good feedback and some funny. my new exhaust is quieter than the old one but also deeper. I believe its the deep notes getting into cavities and into his room. Like BASS.

    Its a steep driveway out so i have no option but to start it in garage. His unit is groundfloor and right above the exit gate where all the noise is muffled out.

    Sounds like i have a right to not worry about the old man. He may have learnt why ground floor units next to entry / exit points are cheaper.

    Thanks for the info guys. Nothing illegal about the volume of my bike. Its the echoing of car park that makes it sound like 3 bikes.
  9. yeah, tell him to fcuk off.
  10. In my considered opinion, he can go and get rooted.
  11. I had the same problem once, except I wasn't the bike owner. Ducati 860 at 4am isn't very quiet. So I wandered over to the guys flat, told him how much I love the sound of it, but I know for a fact that it can idle. Would he mind trying to minimise the noise. Not a problem he says. Try starting it and riding it at whatever over idle it takes to get it out of the carpark. Warm it up down the road. Guy next door then bought an SR500 with a straight through pipe.

    I found it easier to give up shift work
  12. The 'tell him to f$^ off' posts obviously are pretty useless. Sure if you're roaring along somewhere random and someone doesn't like the noise you can tell them where to shove it as long as its legal. Little bit more tricky when its your neighbours. Never a good idea to get them on the wrong side, even when they're in the wrong.

    Best idea when you talk to him next would just to be apologetic about it so he knows you're not trying to be inconsiderate. Saying something about you'll try to leave quietly as you can, etc. People saying 'he cant do anything' is wrong. If he's pissed off enough (and in my experience many old people LIKE being pissed off, cept for the nice ones), he could scratch, drop or in any other way damage your bike.. not worth the risk

    Good luck resolving it peacefully though.
  13. But seriously though - ignore him and act sensibly - dont do burnouts or rev it (on purpose) outside his window and i reckon you're playing it fair. :grin:
  14. While its nice to be able to tell someone to get rooted. If its loud, and annoying the neighbours, its nice to keep everyone happy if you can do it. Nothing stopping the old dude becoming a real pain in the arse if he wants to. I've seen it happen, it can get real nasty, someone usually loses an eye! ;)
    As you've said, you can't push the bike out onto the street, and a mate had a similar problem with and R1.
    Had a silencer made for the exhaust, on early morning starts, he'd slip it in to the pipe, start the bike, let it warm up and ride off, would pull it out at work, or at the next red light.
    He doesn't have the bike anymore so I cant take photos of the silencer, but it was simply a light tubing frame packed with steel wool that slid in and hung on to the edge of the opening.
  15. Paint yourself green and throw forks at him.
  16. my neighbours go to bed early. and get up at 4.30am to take thir dogs for a work and of course thier dogs get all the other dogs barking and soon enough the whole neighberhood is awake.

    my virago is a very loud bike. and i come home late at nights, so that was my payback. VROOM VOOM! now they are lucky i ride the 6 everyday. its releatively quiet.
  17. In Victoria..

    A motor vehicle (except a vehicle moving in or out of premises), lawn mower or other grass cutting device and any equipment or appliance not falling within Group 2 having an internal combustion engine.

    Prohibited Time:
    Monday to Friday: before 7am and after 8pm.
    Weekends and public holidays: before 9am and after 8pm.

    Well, you are moving in and out of the premises.. I think you should be okay.. unless the noise of your muffler is over the limit?
  18. He could go to the cops with an exagerated claim, still no matter what happens I would just say don't let him get the best of you and always stay clam. Don't let him get you worked up.
  19. meh... is he old? if so you really dont have long to wait. I guess It depends on you block... I just moved into my block and leave home at or just before 6:30. I though this was going to cause problems as well I'm a bit noisy anyhow... yesterday I had one of the young fellas come up to me pierecings tats etc to say that I make an awesome alarm clock for him as he needs to be at his IT work by 8:30am... and he isnt the first the indian couple ... the boys & girls from NZ everyone so far hasnt had any complaints...
  20. Low deep notes are really bad for residents, they travel further and as your bike in underground it travels up the building above it and can be really annoying...some people like to play thump thump music in a park near by at say midnight and you can't ignore it..same with your bike..

    Apart from EPA noise level there is another regulation that restrict low-frequency vibrations..might want to look into that..

    In the mean time...eck he can't do much