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Noise Cameras

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/vi...ctorias-roads/comments-e6frf7kx-1225833383414

    Another way to ping motorists for non-offences?

    Consider the issue of how this technology can differentiate between two vehicles?

    It's bad enough when some pubic servant (EPA Orificer) or a copper with overly sensitive hearing, or who simply has something against bikes, forcing you to attend a testing station cos he thinks that your bike is a tad loud. But now we have to have these things to deal with.

    Sure, noise can be an issue. Just ask JDK. But my concern is that the technology will ping innocent riders/drivers.

    Does anyone have any direct experience with this gear who can explain how it will separate the emission levels from different vehicles?
  2. At least bikes get to be about four times as loud as cars :D (3db=doubling of pressure, ja?).
  3. This is a joke, surely. So, trucks are too loud now are they? They're trucks!!

    God, some people need to grow a pair, and stop whinging that a machine is too loud for their precious little ears.

    The comments on that are interesting.

    :LOL: How the hell is using the truck's engine brake an act of selfishness?

    This state, and country, is turning into a pack of wimps. Seriously.
  4. They have one on Mt. Ousley Road on the downhill approach to Wollongong as an experiment.

    It's placed at the end of the flatter part of the descent where the road takes a bit of a left hand bend. Realistically only trucks which have been/are speeding (heavy vehicle speed limit is 40kph in 80 zone) should set it off, since engine braking isn't particularly necessary on the flat part unless the truck is coming into the S-bend too fast.

    It never pinged my Tiger or MR2, but they're both relatively quiet on overrun, while a truck's engine brakes are loud.

    Does remind me a bit of the NIMBYs who complain to ACA about Williamtown fighter base (built in the mid 1900s?) or move into Lucas Heights (a town built to support the families of the scientists at the reactor, which used to be 30 minutes drive from civilisation) and lament the eerie green glow everything in the area seems to have. ;)
  5. Or people who move close to an airport and act all surprised and indignant when, on rare occasions, a light aircraft crashes in their back yard. Some people need to be hit with a cluehammer...

    That said, their are times when such complaints are justified. If the trucks are using engine breaks due to poor driving or laziness (or the former caused by the latter) on their part, then they obviously need something to motivate them to do better.

    Motorcyclists or car drivers aren't exempt from this line of thinking, either. As long as it is applied sensibly, I see nothing wrong with it (the logic, etc.).
  6. What decibel level is required to set it off, Or does it just send every one for a check on their exhausts, good money spinner I think.
  7. It's in the third paragraph of the linked article. Motorcycles and trucks that let off sounds greater than 80 decibels, cars that reach more than 74.
  8. Funny thing bikes limit is 94 dB.

    What happens if a truck and a H-D pass the camera at the same time?

    Does the camera photograph from the front or rear?

    Yeah - this is gunna work......
  9. Same thoughts, wtf most new sportsbikes are 94-96db at like 4500rpm... Thats just cruising.. I can only assume they're referring to 80db from a further distance than the standard test as the camera will obviously be further back.

    I would support these cameras, but only if they were active after say 9 or 10pm and not during the day.
  10. Apparantly once the microphone pics you up it activates the video so it records you riding/driving past with the audio still kicked in.

    Also, they reckon that a washing machine is 75db, so if you ride past on a washing machine you can get done :LOL:
  11. Anyone want to go for high scores?

    Maybe go past gunning your harley and holding down your twin nautilus airhorns at the same time.
  12. inline or v-twin ?
  13. Regards the comment about Williamtown airforce base, I guy I know flew with RAN. He and his mates heard of a land auction to be held on the weekend. Because of the constant whinging of the newly moved in locals and the noise that the A4s used to make, they decided to conduct training ops over the area during the auction. This way the prospective land buyers would know exactly what they were getting themselves into, as the local real estate agents hadn't exactly publicised the fact that fast jet ops occur regularly nearby.

    Same thing for those who live adjacent to Essendon Airport. They buy there because the property values aren't as high, then whine about the noise.

    Anyway, getting back on topic, my original query was about how this technology can differentiate between vehicles. No-one has addressed this, yet. I'm hoping that someone here does have an idea about this issue.
  14. I live in exactly the area they are talking about in Yarraville, believe me you get used to it. Some nights it sounds like a truck is about the barrel through the house. Then, I just go back to sleep.

    Bunch of cry babies living in an INDUSTRIAL ZONED AREA complaining about noise [-( HTFU.

    Might as well move next door to the Espy & ask them to stop having bands. :-({|=

    Also, in the ARR our dB limit is measured at a certain RPM, usually half of peak power, how do they plan to check the RPM of your engine with a camera? That can't be legal.

    Might need to put the stock exhaust back on the TRX :(
  15. Is that a corrected dB reading?? Volume drops in an inverse square relationship, so have they picked a dB trigger at the microphone which is an adjusted for distance?

    What that means is that every motorbike MUST trigger the microphone since they'll be above 74dB at the microphone as they're already allowed to be louder than cars... so this must be keeping someone in a job reviewing the video.

    I thought Dandenong already had a few of these cameras.

    I suspect a Ninja anti camera force is not far away...
  16. Sounds like some glue a balaclava and the anonymity of night is required. As a purely theoretical exercise of course.:angel:
  17. Probably, but I wouldn't put it past them to just send out fines & make us do all the legwork to be proven innocent.
  18. Thats a VERY good point..
  19. Only Harley riders need to worry about their bikes sounding like trucks! :LOL:

    No seriously , I feel your pain. It'll be another case of "If you're innocent, prove it", from our lords and masters in Spring St.

    ( But I DO recall being in a crowd of 10,000+ people on New Years Eve in Jolimont Park, with an amplified concert going on, and the ENTIRE event being completely drowned out at a distance of 400m by ONE Harley with open pipes giving it a squirt!)
  20. My guess is if you get pinged by the camera, a notice well be sent to your residence telling you that you need to put on your stock exhaust and go get tested.