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Nodding/waving when not riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by El Damo, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Without getting into an argument about which riders do or don't nod to which other riders, it's generally fair to say that riders will nod or wave to each other.

    When I'm walking and I see a bike at the lights I'm never quite sure whether or not to nod or wave - on the one hand I'd like to make a friendly gesture towards a fellow rider, on the other hand I don't want to look like a tool. Sorry - I mean I don't want to look like any more of a tool then I usually do. :)

    So what does everyone else do when they're pedestrians? Do you nod/wave to other riders? And if you're riding do you nod/wave back to pedestrians?

  2. umm i will nod to riders who go past the road while im walking. Today was my 1st real nod back (ive only been doing it for about 3 weeks). He even said "how are you" but was too fast for me to reply. But i dont see why not - i think its just like respect to the rider. And why not nod back while riding - the more who acknowedge you off the road - when they have the ability to drive (etc) they will acknowledge you on the road.

    Nod i say, just like today, and make my day :grin:
  3. Always nod to women when you catch their eye, be they pedestrians or motorists, get in the habit, its good manners, and they always smile back.
  4. just smile :grin: :) :cool:
  5. heheh works great when your in the city :p

    its funny to cause for example i had a chick stare at me in the rear view mirror and the light turned green.. she was still there staring :p. I had to point at the lights to get her to go :p lol
  6. Excited waving children get a wide grin and a wave if I'm not knee scraping at the time.

    Riders get a nod, a wave if they're lucky.

    Gals oggling get a wink ;)
  7. Yeah for sure. I figure anyone who is walking and nods is a biker anyway. So why not.
    If I catch the eye of a rider when Im walking Ill give a nod at them too.
    Shit I'll say G'day to a stranger walking past me in the street.
    No harm in being polite and friendly.
    Besides i think it's a lost art.
    Most people these days don't even say G'day to the neighbours.

    Although while we're talking about common courtesy, it shits me when I hold open a door for someone to walk in behind me or in front of me and they don't say thankyou.
    I always voice my frustration by giving them a louud "you're welcome"

    Rude bastards

  8. +1 to everything you said....!!!
  9. I'm with you Den Monkey. I'll bet you grew up here too :grin: . I remember .............
    I digress , If you ride you always check out bikes when your on yours or not so if you catch the riders eye a nod is usually given in appreciation of a fellow rider.
  10. The bike community is a bit special in that way. I've had heaps of people come up to me and ask questions about my bike, well...more since I stopped riding the Across...but...I can't recall anyone taking an interest in my Falcon or Commodore.
    Cant see how a nod hurts. Can see how 95% of the population in seeing you doing it may thing you are a knob because they just don't know!
  11. The little dudes riding their pushies around my street take "the nod" very seriously when I ride past, they love it! :cool:
    I say "hi" when I go on walks in my area, especially to the real oldies-you never know who they get to talk (pets can only express so much).
    I'm all for the new "chat" possibilities, but I reckon we're loosing the art of communication. These days you cant even have an opposing opinion w someone, they take it personally as if you don't like them... How does "i dnt agree w you" translate into "I dnt like you"?
    I'm starved for intellectual conversation-not that pretentious crap just real talking...
    So I nod, I wave & sometimes I rev the bike :wink:
  12. Take a look next time you're out and look around at all the people blocking the world out with mp3 players and the like. Sad state of affairs.

    Holy Crimminy I sound old.

    Well done son well done
  13. I totally agree why, be nice to people. It's a known fact that being nice to people you don't know only gets you dead, just look at the hitchhiker dude. In fact I take it that extra step further and insist on being rude to people I do know.
  14. hey, i know you....
    /me flips the bird at port80

    I love the bikers nod, its awesome!!