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Nodding to Cruisers - again...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Yo dudes,

    Well I picked up my new Hyosung Aquila 650 on Saturday, and I've now been on a couple of rides on it.

    Before that, I had an SRX and before that a Spada, both sports bikes. When I was on sports bikes I made a conscientious effort to nod to cruiser riders (even though they never nodded back... bastards!)

    Now, the shoe is on the other foot. I'm a cruiser rider again, and on the few rides I've been on since I got the Aquila, I've been nodding like mad at every rider I passed.

    NO ONE NODDED BACK!! Sports bikes, scooters, tourers, everyone seems to look the other way when a cruiser rolls past.

    So this is just a note to all the non-cruiser riders out there. Stop your bitching about how cruiser riders don't nod, coz we do. You're all just too busy looking the other way...

    Well that's my 2c on the matter.

    Just remember, put your pride aside, and give EVERYONE a nod, they'll appreciate it.
  2. Great point Pete.
    I find exactly the same thing in most instances. With the little aquilla and a full face helmet i had most nods returned even/especially from sports bikes and scooters.
    Now, the vulcan and open face helm, it is infrequent.

    It almost makes you want to give up trying, and just when you think it is not worth nodding you get a nod and all is well again. :grin:
  3. just do a big wave... :LOL:
  4. I nod to everyone.

    unless I don't notice them till it's too late.
  5. noddy

    Hey I have had my learners for a week and only done 300 kms or so, so experience is limited.

    Live down on the Peninsula so lots of people come down from the city on their shine new cruisers and never ever nod! :mad: So I have been thinking stuff em no nodding to cruisers but no, will assume they are weekend latte warriors and keep on nodding. I like lattes to! :cool:

    I nod at every bike, scooter, cruiser, postie, sports but I ride a Korean bike so I have no prejudices. :LOL:

    So nod at every bike and maybe just maybe we might realise we ride for different reasons but a rider is a rider!!!!
  6. I try nodding to all bikes, ones i see in time. ;)
  7. I feel ya man, some have your-made-out-of-air-sydnrome.
  8. Bro I nod to everyone except chopper & scooter riders.

    The reason I no longer bother is bc they ride as tho they cant see me
    so I dont waste my time anymore.

    I was nodding for a long time with no feedback B4 I stopped doing it as

    If they took the iniative to wave or give the thumb, I'd reply the gesture
    immediately :wink:
  9. Kishi Iunderstand choppers that because girls dont normally ride them but sccoters? :p :p :p :p

    Hee Hee should not have posted your girls, you have a rep now. :LOL:
  10. why do people get cut when someone doesn't nod :?: pretty thin skinned for a big tuff biker :p :p

    what if they didn't see you? tell you what, i'd much prefer to keep an eye on the dipshits in front of me than looking out for other bikers that might get upset if i dont nod to them :LOL:

    i nod to everyone.... when i see them....
  11. I was test riding the K100RS in Albury last week and suffered the same thing... Maybe it's just an Albury thing :? It's not as though I was wearing a System 5 helmet or anything! :LOL:
  12. Didn't claim to be a big tuff biker, I'm just another rider...

    Not upset, just trying to point out that while sports bikers are always having a go at 'big tuff bikers' for not waving, there are a few cruiser riders who DO like to acknowledge other riders out there.

    good stuff...

    You on angry pills or something this morning??
  13. not on angry pills :shock: just having a larf is all :wink:

    shit, you should see me on angry pills, i bite the heads off chickens and smash guitars and sometimes i even throw my bottles in the bin instead of recycling :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Its possible to over discuss somethings...not everything in life needs to be analysed down the point where its no longer fun. this is one of those things...IMO :)
  15. Now that's just bloody irresponsible! It's people like you who are stopping our govt's from taking anyserious action on global waring!
  16. I got a cr*p nod, so I swiched to doing a short 'wave'.
  17. Sometimes people don't nod because they haven't seen you, or do so too late.

    That doesn't bother me, but I get irritated when I'm at a red light next to another rider, I say g'day or nod and they ignore me. That's just damn rude.
  18. I'll nod or wave if I see people nod or wave... sometimes I am not expecting it... like when a cruiser waves or nods and I don't react in time.

    But Gromit is correct... the up themselves wankers at the traffic lights who studiously ignore you when you nod or speak at the lights _are_ rude.
  19. Your beef should be with the cruiser riders, not sportsbike riders.

    We all get our L's, and start nodding like crazy to anything on two wheels with a motor. After the 10th cruiser in a row that doesn't nod back, you quickly learn not to waste your time. (same with posties and scooters).

    If you want it to change, don't tell the sporties to start nodding, because we all have tried, tell the cruisers to start nodding.

  20. off topic I know...
    Do you guys nod to oncoming bikes on the freeway (like monash, or eastern in melb)?

    I don't usually, but over the last week or two a couple of riders have given the nod?!