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Nodding posties?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mustlovebikes, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. is it rude to not nod a postie? I would have said no, until a friend binned his bike badly and the first person to the scene was a postie and turns out his other bike was a 'Busa. Really cool guy.

  2. I nod to posties.
  3. Often they're too busy to nod back, but if they're looking I give them a nod, although I'm guessing some are a bit over the nod.
  4. To me, the ancient art of Nodding is about the Nodder and not the Noddee.

    For me, anyone on a bike (postie, scooter, sachs, BMW, hell even a Harley) deserves a Nod. How they receive it is up to them.

    As evidenced by the NetRider crew, many riders have multiple bikes of multiple sizes and styles. I nod at people to be friendly. It makes me feel good, helps riders build on their positive reputation and I like doing it.

    So my answer is Yes. Keep on Nodding!

  5. Posties are the best and I will always give 'em a nod or acknowldgement.

    I love the way Aust. Post let them ride around squidding and all that.

    Nothing more spectacular than seeing a posting roaring down a steep hill on the fully loaded ct110, safety vest undone and flying behind their arms and mad eyes full of attitude.......priceless :LOL: :LOL:
  6. ^^^ Love the Postie bikes, and postie riders are probly too busy to nod back, but hey - the nodder and the noddee, pretty good way fo seeing things IMO
  7. alot of posties are riders in their own time, ill always give them a not of they are out and about
  8. yea i always throw them a nod and i like it when they take the second to nod back (unless they just brought me bills that day = no nod)
  9. i never knew nodding was such a big issue when it came 2 riding.. id say hey 2 any rider that i come across at a light n seemed worth sayin hello 2, jus coz i ride a bike wont make me a snob, dunno y others do :S, not sayin people on this forum, jus in general
  10. Being new to riding I want to get others thoughts. On my very first ride and feeling very proud of myself only 1 of the 20 or so bikes that I passed nodded back. And that 1 didnt count as it was a motorbike cop and he was more nodding to get me to slow down
  11. I find harly riders don't ever nod, but most jap bike riders do.I ride harlys on an add hock basis and i nod to others riders regardless of what there on.
  12. im a postie !!(have been for about 14years) so keep nodding , its great ,

    i work in an office with 40 other posties about 50% are riders ,everything from harley's to an old trumpy,R1's,about 5 cbr600's,vfr's ,3 sv's includeing mine,a virago,a 750 katana,a moto guzzi ,and a ducati hypermotard !

    we have a ride together about every 3 months
  13. thats wat its all about

    like i read on the forum sumwhere, its not what u ride, its thats u ride!
  14. we found it different when in Tassie
    found Harley riders nodded to us alot
    but very few sports bike riders did


    Posties are definately riders too
    ex-Aussie Post here from Darwin and one of my instructors on my METAL bike course was one of my supervisors at work :shock:

  15. +10000

  16. Nod,
    my dad might be one of them :) ,
    ans hes got a motto guzzi, (in the shed, plans to get it going in the nxt few months) :grin:
  17. *Nods to everyone*

    - I plan on never nodding to Harley rider - unless I know them personally - most are big and scary - and can probly eat me and my bike