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Nodding hyo rider wanted to race.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chicken78, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. So sitting contently at the traffic lights, minding my own buisness, Mr Hyo 650 pulls up, nods then revs his bike. I nodded and ignored him. Mr hyo continues to do the "lets race" rev thing several times. **sigh** Im not participating in this a) faster bike b) participating in this behaviour is sooo not me.

    Then he moves up right on the white line, revs, looks at me nods again. I couldnt help it, FINE. Im a time triallist by trade(cycling) put a white line in front of and it means one thing. Put my hyo in gear wait for the light change. I can hear his hyo revving its little heart out shaking itself loose no doubt.

    Light goes green,.... scoot across the intersection, drop my elbow to see where he is............

    He is still stuck at the lights, after STALLING..

    I nearly fell off my bike laughing. Next set of lights he pulls up, I nod back, he just shakes his head and turns off with his tail between his legs. As sorry as I felt for him, it kept me entertained for the remainder of the ride.
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  2. hahaha ohhh Magoo, you've done it again
  3. /Brmm nods in approval
  4. Are you sure it stalled? It probably just broke down.
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  5. That's too bloody funny. Head start races are the best.
  6. i liked the part where you were street racing.
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  7. Hahahaha
  8. funny shit :p
  9. Problem? :cheeky:
  10. you shold have shamed some more by removing the helmet showing a woman beat him!! assuming it was a him?
  11. weather next weekend is 25? fark, ride organised yet? lol
  12. It moments like these you need minties.
  13. really?? thats awesome weather for street racing, i mean riding.
  14. lol, not qiote what I meant!! but what ever floats your boat!
  15. #16 Dougz, Sep 11, 2011
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    Oh snap dude :LOL:
  16. Take a bow -

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  17. But you keep hooning :biker: past me every time :cheeky::beer:.
  18. Don't knock 'em till you've tried it.
  19. Don't praise it till you have owned other manufacturers to compare it to.
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