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Nodding as a sign of respect.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Guest, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Hey all,
    What is the story behind nodding to fellow riders, I find it is quite admirable and shows a sign of respect to other that enjoy bikes, I would like to know of it's origins. However, the only thing that startles me, is that, when I nod to a rider on a cruiser or hardley, they don't nod back, what gives?

  2. I always think of it as a biker version of the country 3 finger salute - "If your on the side of the road in need of help, Id stop for you." comerade gesture.
  3. Yes I think the nodding gesture gives riders a sense of connection with one another.
  4. Yes, ive noticed this as well in the few weeks ive been riding. I quite like it, reminds me that not everyone is a stuck up prick in the world.
  5. makes me feel all warm when i get a nod, i actually got a nod from santa on gsxr this morning
  6. thats rude

    yeah but what about the ones that dont nod ?
    had one this morning looking right at me so I nod and no reply,
    hey its christmas ahole !!!!!!! :p
  7. Great to see another nod thread...welcome MellowYellow, EzyRider, DrSlug and obrut to the forums.

    Apart from respect when I nod I always think "we're still alive so it's a good day" :LOL:
  8. you will find you get a much better response if you wave, though you will most likely look like a dick to other motorists if they dont wave back. :LOL:
  9. 99% of BMW riders dont acknowledge anyone but other BMW riders. Ive had more nods from Harley riders. I had one tosser pull up beside me on his ugly as sin bmw cruiser thing (man they are disgusting) and he wouldnt even look sideways at me. If Id known where the kill switch was on his bike he would have been stopped at the lights a bit longer. rude bugger.
  10. Nodding to me is more an acknowledgement of community than anything else. I don't think that in my 10 years of driving I ever had a discussion with someone I didn't know in a car next to me (unless they were female, but that's different). In my three months of riding, I've had proper chats at the lights with a couple of riders and "g'day mate how's it going?" acknowledgements to LOTS more. When I share a nod with another rider, it's symbolic of kinship. And just as when you see a friend or family member pass on the road, you want them to notice you so you can say hi, I feel the same when I see a bike ride by, I want them to see me so we can share a hello, as I really feel that we are members of a (chosen) family.

  11. I dont nod at hardleys and they dont non at me but sportbike riders nod all the time to me.
  12. I nod or wave to everyone, and 9 times out of 10 get one back, regardless of what they are riding. Especially the dude on the harley at the lights one day (who is in a patch club) he nearly fell off his bike when I pulled up beside him and said hi how ya doing, we had a good chat till the lights changed.
  13. Love the nod. A mate of mine who's a GSXR rider told me before I got my licence that it was a nod to others who had the same bike as yours. "Never nod to Harler riders, they'll ignore you, the rude b#@%$*%s". I've since found out by riding around that I nod for all bikers. Sure it's rare for Harley riders to nod back, but sometimes they do. Even more surprisingly is when they nod and give you a smile first.
    It's good to feel like your part of a clan and that you know there's riders out there who regognise you've got the same bug and love of a ride as they do.
  14. has anyone ever been acknowledged by a ducati rider i was sitting right next to one (monster) at the lights yeaterday he didnt want to know i was there.
  15. Ducati riders - Yes. Had one pull up beside me at traffic lights in the Shire last Saturday for a chat. Your rider might have just been a D#%khead.
  16. I never used to nod to any harley riders or BMW riders because of what i was told about how they never nod back but lately i thought stuff it and started nodding to everybody (With a bike) and have had a lot of return nods back.

    I still don't acknowledge cyclysts (who keep nodding and waving at me :? [-( )
  17. I ride a Harley Road King, a BMW 1200 GS, and soon (yeah!) a V-Strom. I wave at all bikers and if they don't wave back it says more about them than me. Even patch clubs as you call them.
  18. It's a metaphor for life, surely. If you are nice to people, and they don't return your favour, you've still had the enjoyment of what you've done anyway; they are the only losers in the transaction.

    Nod at everyone, take your hand of the left handlebar and wave furiously, stand up in the saddle and bow, (as someone reported recently) for goodness sake, it may just make someone's day, and how many times do you get a chance to do that??? :LOL:
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  20. hey Kishy, Merry Christmas to you and your's. I bet YOU nod at other riders, don't you?? :D :D