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Nod to you

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by shane750, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Hello all.

    Have had a look here from time to time but have never joined till today.

    About a month ago i downgraded :grin: from a sv650sk3 to a gsxr750k5 :grin: and have loved the change. The sv was a fantastic bike and would handle awesome corner speed, however it was still on the stock suspension at 43000kms so decided to upgrade rather than spend the dollars on the sv - im 107kgs including full gear. I am 27 and have been riding for 15 months and have done about 30,000 kays in that time and am absolutely hooked.

    My goals are to improved my riding to the best of my ability by learning as much as i can.

    As they say knowledge is (potential) power, thats why im here.


    PS some here may know me from the sv site as 'shane'


    BTW i tried to add a couple of pics but i have to post 4 more times before im trusted :LOL:
  2. welcome.....you might wanta add your location to your profile - folks round here like it cause it means that they can answer any location-specific questions you might have.

    have fun
  3. Welcome aboard...

    and what Kezza said.. :wink:
  4. cool, will do.... hmmm where do i do that :? Back in a sec :grin:

    knew it'd be worth it - a brissie rider too

    have you checked out some of our rides?
  6. was just doing so at the moment.... is there anyway to have new posts listed first? The ones i am seeing are ancient history :LOL:
  7. just up on the top right hand corner there's a 'new posts since last visit'

    or go to the 'other states' thread and look for any marked [qld]
    we have a ride to kyogle coming up on the weekend