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webBikeWorld Noco Genius G750 Battery Charger Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Dec 4, 2015.

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    The Noco Genius G750 is a 0.75A "entry level" battery charger and maintainer.

    It's especially popular for motorcycles and it can be used for lead/acid or AGM snowmobile, ATV or jet ski batteries.

    This is a very nicely made battery charger and it's fairly simple to operate; more or less a "plug and play".

    It can charge and maintain both 6V and 12V batteries with either positive or negative ground (earth), a plus for vintage bike owners.

    Noco chargers do not use an SAE type connector, however, a type that has become something of a standard on motorcycles, thanks to Battery Tender.

    So if you already have a Battery Tender SAE Wiring Harness (review) on one or more motorcycles, you'll have to buy an additional Noco-to-SAE adapter.

    But the Noco terminal connector is perfectly fine if not.

    The Noco Genius G750 kit also comes with a very nice -- even overbuilt -- pair of battery terminal clamps for temporary connections.

    The Genius G750 has a list price of $37.95, which compares well to other "entry level" charger/maintainers.

    Those include chargers such as the 0.75A Battery Tender Junior at $39.95 or the 1.0A Yuasa Automatic High-Efficiency charger at $40.17 list.

    There's really only one problem we discovered with the Noco Genius G750, which is a problem it shares with other entry-level chargers.

    It does not have a separate electric cord, so you must plug the entire charger unit into the wall outlet.

    For the G750, that means covering as many as 3 outlets, due to the design. This may be a "deal-killer" for many, so be aware of this issue (more info and photos below), especially if you have only one two-plug wall outlet in the garage (like me).

    Otherwise, the G750 works well and it seems very fast, despite its 0.75A output. The LED lights can be a little confusing I think, so be sure to read the owner's manual carefully.

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