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Nobody ever said on their deathbed...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. ..."Gee, I wish I'd have spent more time in the office."

  2. "i'm so glad I spent all those hours mowing the lawn"
  3. I slept with way too many women.
  4. "I hope my bike is okay"

    oh wait - people probably say that
  5. "My god, I was wrong ALL religions are stupid"
  6. Depends what they're dying of... ;)
  7. "I wish I'd done more drugs, I wish I'd slept with more girls, I wish you'd all go and get ****ed."

    This Is Serious Mum 2005 ish...
  8. "So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye"

    "That agent orange sure did win the war"
  9. "Stuff the Hospital, my heart can take ten more minutes! BRING ME MORE VIAGRA!!!!!"
  10. Half their songs are about TISM regretting their life. Such a good band. RIP token!