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Noble Park Mayhem. 12-1-07

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MattyB, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. #1 MattyB, Jan 13, 2007
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    This is what ruins it for the car scene in melbourne.

    Bottles being thrown at VicPol, innocent drivers passing through on the highway stopped, cars damaged, blockbuster raided and trashed, flares, fights, road stopped, burnouts with hundreds of people within feet, etc etc.

    Basically, 1000 people with the same thought, "I'm a fcukhead, I'm going to prove it!"

    - Radek.

    One of many news reports.

    crowd chasing police away, throwing bottles.


    Cronulla without a cause?
  2. Jebus you mexicans can throw a party!
  3. Yeah, you Sydney lot aren't into the whole 'riot' thing, eh? ;)
  4. Cronulla was merely a misunderstanding. They all came together afterwards for a beer and BBQ and started dating eachother's sisters.
  5. This to me is something that needs to be stopped and needs to be stopped quickly .. next time it may not be a Video store, it could be some poor innocent sitting in their house that gets targeted, or some poor little kid sleeping in his/her bed when the piece of shit jap 4 driven by some nuff with limited experience plows through the bedroom wall.

    To see those types of scenes in this country is bloody sickening .. and as far as I'm concerned, it wouldn't matter to me if you were competing or spectating .. guilt by association and the Rodgers can have your friggen car/bike and your arse.

    Why = because I have a wife and two daughters who all drive and I would hate to think of the consequences of them being caught up a situation like this..
  6. That reminds me...why doesn't she answer my calls anymore?
  7. Cos she's now dating your brother.
  8. How is it that society has become like this?
    When l was younger if we got cought doing something wrong by the local cops, we would get a foot up the backside by them and then another boot from dad when he found out. We all knew we were in the wrong and deserved it.
    I work for my local council and we spend alot of time and money cleaning up after people like that. It is time and money that would be better of spent else where.
    It makes my blood boil to see it happen in our own country.
    Perhaps we should send the hoons into the detention centers.
  9. I reckon its because we now live in the PC age of Minority Rule.
    What used to work after many generations of practical application and common sense, like smacking your child if they did wrong, is just plain unpalatable to a selected few people.. and of course we must appease the selected few musn't we? :?

  10. Sul-luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

    No offence to your sister...should you have one. Or your cat. Or that effeminate lamp you have...
  11. I'll have you know that effeminate lamp is a family heirloom... handed down from my pappy's pappy and from his pappy before him... all the way back to my great great great great great pappy's Ye Olde Gratuitious Sex Shop store founded way back in England in 1705.

  12. "Capitol dildos....spiffy spanking paddles....c'mon madam, you wouldn't 'ave anythin' else betwixt yer neithers..."
  13. One word...........WATERCANNON!
  14. and one other; "Spare the rod, spoil the child". These indulged thugs would not have been doing this if they had been subject to some discipline before it got to this..... Where are the parents?
  15. our mates got SMAAAAAASHED there..... they were viewing.. not dragging. shit ain't fair man. long story. lot's of d****heads, including those in uniform. if anyone has video's of police hitting people can you please let me know. not being smart just seriously possible lawsuit stuff. witnesses please let me know.
  16. Seriously, they should block the roads, and lock every bloody one of them up.

    Who the phark do these parasites think they are?

    It's a public road, with the public using it to get around.
    They have no right to it, not even part of it.

    The authorities should have sent in a mole, record the plates of the participants and then thrown every law that they have at them or even create a law to deal with these little halfwits.

    A caller to 3AW stated that they do this crap because it costs too much to go to Calder :roll: $50 is too much for these misfits. "oi shwear to gawd mait, I gotta shpend ma bucks on bling bro, carn afford calder, les go to noble park and tear the place up yuleh"

  17. There's nothing quite like the rush of heading in to turn 1 in sixth at Phillip Island...
  18. Might not go down so well with all our water restrictions. I imagine you could load the water cannon with with sewage water instead. Seeing these rioters getting drenched with the state's refuse liquids would be quite amusing. :twisted:

    Teargas wouldn't have any impact on our state's water supply. It would have the added bonus of making it easier to round people up afterwards (so they could be beaten up like piñatas back at the station). :)
  19. Looting of Blockbuster

    Riot: Hoons trash the Blockbuster video store in Noble Park on Friday
    night. Pictures: Channel 7

    Riot: Hoons trash the Blockbuster video store in Noble Park on Friday
    night. Pictures: Channel 7

    Riot: Hoons trash the Blockbuster video store in Noble Park on Friday
    night. Pictures: Channel 7

    Riot: Hoons trash the Blockbuster video store in Noble Park on Friday
    night. Pictures: Channel 7

    <edit> http://www.news.com.au/sundayheraldsun/story/0,21985,21056957-2862,00.html
  20. Years ago, the important things in raising children were teaching them to behave properly and learn basic reading, writing and maths. At school this meant being held back to repeat a grade if you hadn't met the appropriate standard, and being given the strap if you misbehaved badly enough.

    For some reason this all changed several years ago and the important thing now is the child's self esteem. "Self esteem is sacred and nothing must be done that may in any way reduce a child's self esteem," say various idiots.

    We now have situations like this:
    "Johnny has completed grade 2. He hasn't reached the standard expected for a grade 2 child, but we'll put him into grade 3 anyway."
    Twelve months later ...
    "Johnny has completed grade 3. He's still below grade 2 standard, but we'll put him into grade 4 anyway." Johnny doesn't have to learn anything - all he has to do is wait 12 months and he gets promoted automatically, regardless of how badly he's performing.

    Johnny also knows that he can't be smacked. I haven't checked, but chances are that teachers can't raise their voices or give a child detention - if they did parents would scream blue murder about their child's precious self esteem.

    After 12 years of schooling we then have someone who is chronologically an adult, but has the education and self-control of a ten-year-old. This has been going on for so long that some of those dimwits are now teachers.

    Somehow these idiots obtain cars (maybe not licenses, but definitely cars). Many of these are paid for by Mum & Dad, because not buying Thicko Jr a car might damage his .... (two words, 2nd word rhymes with 'steam').

    These people (and I use the term loosely), are brought up to have no respect for anyone else. As far as they're concerned they can do whatever they like, regardless of how it effects others. Destroying anything that doesn't belong to them is perfectly OK. Authority figures of any kind are to be ridiculed and attacked.

    All their lives they've been allowed to get away with just about anything, so being hit in the face with a baton must come as something of a shock. Their first taste of real discipline. Maybe if they'd been taught to respect others, been punished appropriately when they misbehaved, and been made to learn properly, rather than just being automatically promoted form year to year we might not have situations like this occurring and the police might not have to break noses with batons.