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No worries Mr Teal colour across

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Last Saturday I was doing what I do best (driving a patrol car around) through St. Kilda when I am about to go through an intersection, Inkerman and Barkley.

    I'm heading towards Grey street coming over Barkley.
    A few cars up ahead, enough room if they nail it to get in front of me.

    Next in line to go is a Teal coloured across.

    The malaka didn't even look, saw that the car in front of him took off and figured he'd do the same.

    Of course as a rider you get a 6th sense for these things and I had started to break as I approached him.

    The when I was close enough to do some serious damage to him, he's pulled across in front of me.

    I just on the horn, he shits, stutters for a second then goes on to complete the turn.

    People standing around were in disbelief at this riders actions all shaking their heads as I was shaking mine.

    Good thing he came across an attentive driver otherwise he would have been a sore boy.
  2. Yeah you have to wonder about some.
    I remember one incident a while ago - stopped at an intersection on a single lane road with no turn signals. Other side of the intersection a yellow Ducati had filtered down next to the RHS of the first car. Lights turn green and he takes off - but not to get in front of the car he was next to. No this d*&khead figured if he was fast enough he could make a right hand turn across oncoming traffic. He was bloody lucky that my car has decent brakes, and that I actually even noticed what he was doing (I was checking out the bike at the time - daresay most drivers wouldn't have even known there was a bike there).
  3. Sounds as if it had all teh makings of another one sided "stupid cager" thread! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Cheng has a teal Across. Was her ferrsure. The hoon laws were drafted purely to control Cheng. Hasn't worked at all, as you saw, Vic.
  5. Mate rest assured, had it have been Cheng, I would have made every effort to hit her and hit her hard.....

    of course, just so I could giver her mouth to mouth :p
  6. AAaahhhhh Vic. You have bad thoughts.
  7. Mate you are indeed correct. From where I'm sitting the thoughts are very very bad ;)
  8. Are you interested in purchasing some lovely photos?
  9. I'll take a dozen.

    Vic. Maybe you could sell them through the Netrider store.
  10. Loz might have something to say, about this.
  11. Who???
  12. You know the bloke, perhaps. Netriders own full moon.
  13. How many people knew Teal was a colour before the Power?? :grin:
  14. Plenty. The teal duck has been around a while.
  15. I think the biggest issue here is that someone who claims to be of male persuasion knows what "teal" is.
  16. But what about the poof who was riding the said TEAL accross.