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No worries, mates.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TNDad-USA, May 2, 2007.

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  1. Ok, I get it. My posts appear to have been removed, even the ones that had nothing to do with guns. It is a shame that we must resort to censorship to settle our differences. In my short time here I have learned alot about you guys and gals from down under. Thank you for allowing me to post my views and to discuss bikes and guns with you. I will not post here anymore. If it is ok I would like to continue to lurk as I enjoy reading your posts for the humor and the bike knowledge, and also for the peek into they Aussie culture.

    Good luck to you all and keep them rubber side down.
  2. Don't worry about it mate. All is forgiven.

    I would also like to thank the American people for helping out in our war against Iraqi. Without your help we really would have made a clu$terf@#k of thart little episode.

    Ohhh hold on a minute...
  3. I wouldn't worry too much about it...

    Even the best of us have copped that from time to time :LOL: :LOL:
  4. :eek: I thought it was my posts that got the thread deleted. :shock:

    Bugger, I was enjoying that chat before I had to go to work. :p
  5. Dude don't go, I don't think there is any other Americans on this forum so you are special. Just keep off the gun topics and all should be well.... :)
  6. I wouldnt take it too personally. Posts go missing here all the time... Its ridiculously annoying when it happens with no justification but what can you do?

    So stop ya sooking and stick around! :grin:
  7. get used it round here mate.

    topics locked, posts deleted members banned

    its all run of the mill and standard issue nazi forum mods.

    was a welcome thread that just got locked because we where welcoming and getting to know the new user.. i mean.. how welcoming is that???

    *does a salute*

    *HEIL HITLER!!!!
  8. Your nick seems strangely appropriate.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. As you have just found out.

    Don't like it? go away and start your own forum and do as you please.
  10. Has anyone read this guys signature???
    Sheesh...go away loser!
  11. Dont take it personally dude. Its happened to everyone.. big deal.

    If you enjoy the place & company, hang around & keep yourself active
    here. :cool:

    If thats the case, WTF are you still here?

    If you got a problem, go cry to admin instead of talking ya stoopid
    crap here. [​IMG]
  12. Who cares what his signature says :roll:

    I hope thats not what your judgement of him being a "loser" on...
  13. errr, technically, he's not :grin:

  14. I dunno but I would think that "planning to kill everyone you meet" is hardly an ideal way to make friends.
  15. He isnt seriously banned is he? :LOL: That only justifies his comments :p

    In all honesty i totally agree with him, some of the moderators here are pretty damn happy with the delete button which drives me nuts!

    So why am i still here? Ive thought of leaving the forums but theres just too many interesting, knowledgable and funny people here so i just put up with it.

    As i said earlier, What can ya do?
  16. yes DelusionaL is serisouly banned.

    We just got home from a Netrider meet in town and that was the first msg he sent to me.
  17. [quote='92_Ducati_900_SS]yes DelusionaL is serisouly banned.

    We just got home from a Netrider meet in town and that was the first msg he sent to me.[/quote]
    Serves him right as well. I wouldnt have expected any different. [​IMG]

    Edit - double post. :grin:
  18. [quote='92_Ducati_900_SS]
    yes DelusionaL is serisouly banned.

    We just got home from a Netrider meet in town and that was the first msg he sent to me.[/quote]

    Fair dinkum, they ban Craig for that? I would say his comments aint that far off the truth, sometimes the Moderation around here is just way over the top, just look at the thread the other day when the a brand new member (92_Ducati_99_SS) got totally jumped on for one unintentional mistake, that was just plain rude, come on Vic and the other Mods if your gonna start banning everyone around here that actually has an opinion your not gonna be left with a very interesting forum
  19. Thats where your wrong. That line has been said & heard before.

    All were & will continue to be proven wrong.

    The site was here way before your time & will be here long after your

    This site gets bigger & bigger; not smaller.

    Bullshit it does.

    Drives you nuts because removal of one posts represents a days work
    according to your profile. :grin:

    Ya dam right its a good site. Positive outweight everything else. If that
    wasent the case, the site would be the many things it is today.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.