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No wonder I love my ride to work

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by VTRBob, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. Due to the excessive and heavy rain we've been getting up here in Coff's for the past few days. I've had to cage it into work,
    Today coming home, I got cought behind two logging trucks coming up the mountain,and with no room to pass em, I thought i'd entertain myself and count just how many turns( corners ) are on my 12k run from the Coramba turn off to the Lowanna turn off ......................115 yes thats right 115 turns of varying degs, :twisted: (Thats an average of 9.5 turnsper K )
    ** I didn't count the sections of sweepers you can 'straighten out' on the bike.**

    No wonder I love going to and from work so much :cool: :p
  2. Glad you are enjoying it all Bob

    So you got any pics of the Motard 'Berg :cool:
  3. My dad lives up there, some great roads around! Haven't ridden them on a bike though, it's 800kms or so from here.
  4. lol vtrbob pity that place is the rain fall capital off australia they need to build a dam up there though
  5. Tell me about it! I was riding to Queanbeyan yesterday and some drop of rain hit me on the bike!! I was like, what the hell is this?? Crazy thing is I dont even own a pair of wet weather pants, just dont need em, and i ride almost every day! :shock:
  6. Nothing worse then getting to work with wet pants, and having to stay in them all day!
  7. always carry wets with me just incase never no when the bottom is going to fall out of the sky, plus ride the cydle to often not to have a set
  8. Sounds Like A dream Ride For Any Biker haha :cool:
  9. My ride to work isnt too bad, just gotta watch the Kangas, the crazy 4wd's over the centre line and johnny law.....mainly in sh$t colour green falcons :LOL:
  10. shhh vtr n wedge i have a right hand oput of the drive way a right hand around the round about a slight left that you could take 150+ if limits permitted another slight left a slight right and a left into the driveway at work
  11. That sounds like an awesome run to work. I find that whenever I want to ride to work I find it very hard to turn towards work!. I always want to keep on going to my favourite roads. :cool: