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No where to hide on the GOR [vic]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by azure, Nov 30, 2005.

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  2. lucky i dont bother with that place anymore eh? once bitten, twice shy :? farkin stupid road :evil:
  3. "Director of Nursing Kim Peter said it was hard on staff to see so many riders seriously injured in crashes that were avoidable."

    get a different job then you dick!!!
  4. From the article ...
    That sucks ... where are we supposed to overtake now? No-one bothers to pull into those bays to let a bike past these days ... and it's too dangerous to squeeze between the car and lines without crossing over. You get such a great view through 'some' of those corners on a bike that a car driver just doesn't understand .... ... not fair :(

    Funs over ... at least this summer
  5. you've got to be kidding right?
  6. 43% of accident victims are Melburnians. Yes, it is a cr@p road. So all you Melburnians f#ck off back to Melbourne, the accident rate will drop by 43% & us locals can get back to enjoying the cr@p road with way less traffic on it :LOL:
  7. nope, if you don't want to see injuries and deaths don't go into a nursing etc..... same as if you have a fear of height you don't become a high rise window cleaner :twisted:
  8. Now you really gotta be kidding !!
    Who the hell wants to be treating a bunch of fuggwits hell-bent on hurting themselves?
    Looking at it from their perspective... I wouldn't like to see all that mostly self-inflicted crap every weekend-shift I have to pull as a medico...
    (says one with GOR-injury-history).

    Laughing about the choppers?
    Think again bozo...some NetRiders were nabbed overtaking on double-whites by the WATER-police some years back !!
  9. But Geelong is just an outer western suburb of Melbourne these days anyway :p

    Air Wing :LOL: Why go to that extent when they can sit on top of one of the hills and observe cars & bikes on several kilometres of the GOR and radio through to a waiting police car several K's down the road :shock:

    It's exactly the same on the Reefton & Black Spurs on most weekends so will they be next?
  10. don't get me wrong i think these people that do those jobs must be something else, cos there is no way i want to go to work and look at that, BUT they made the choice AND they knew what to except, they can't do a career and then try and ban other activities because it eithe rmakes there job hard or less appealing to them, thats what the orginal poin twas and thats the point i still trying to get across
  11. "You just can't race the Great Ocean Road," he said. "Just enjoy it."

    Yeah fair enough. Not sure that I agree with the camera strategy (80kph on a 40kph corner is still dangerous) but after all I've heard about the GOR I think you'll find me enjoying the scenery rather than cutting the apex.
  12. Let's look at real-life then...you're the quack in a small, under-funded, under-equipped, under-staffed,ratty, old country hospital rostered on for the weekend as part of your 80hr/ week internship shift...facing a half-dozen Repsol Flash-bang shitheads getting carted through the doors in buckets... screaming for the best in medical aid, as they deserve, eh?
    I'd open my mouth at that, too...or rather, look for a different placement in New Guinea and leave the stuff to the next friendly intern.
  13. Hmmmm, I am seeing something interesting written between the lines here.....

    1). Melburnians are not very good riders and cannot handle the GOR :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    2). Melburnians should stay away :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    It is easy to escape detection..... Ride a Ditbike and then ride up one of the backroads covered in trees, brush and hills.... You can get away that way... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Damn right you are :LOL: :LOL:
    Keep em off the GOR and make them go to Reefton, the abundance of Golden Staph infections at Maroondah/ Box Hill and William Angliss hospitals will make sure of only one stay ever :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. My last experience of the GOR ...

    Riding along at the speed limit minding my own business.. Up ahead coming over a crest towards me is a van and overtaking it (in my lane) was a four wheel drive.. Lucky for good brakes and just enough room to let the prick in the 4WD get back on his side of the road..

    Only other choices were off the cliff into the water (ie turn left) or into the cliff face (ie turn right)..

    Last time I ride that road - too many people driving like idiots or gawking at the scenery and not watching where they're going..

  16. Unsure what they'll achieve with monitoring speeds.

    The issue is blind corners. There's not a whole lot of those blind corners on the GOR around the Lorne area that one can take at well above the speed-limit. Down the straights, sure, but are these accidents happening on the straight-aways? I doubt it.

    Even the article alludes to this. It's down to too many people riding at 10/10ths around corners and encountering other daft road users or road hazards, and not having the maneuvering reserve left to compensate. Most often the real dangers are coming from tourist buses and local careening around corners at too high speeds half-way into the oncoming lane.

    Of course, when a motorcyclist meets up with a car, or swerves to avoid a car and crashes, it's always the motorcyclists fault. Have known plenty of people who have crashed on the GOR, and most often its from them trying to avoid hitting an oncoming car, or some car doing something daft like overtaking on double white lines, or pulling out into oncoming traffic without looking.

    Now, you can also argue that the motorcyclists are at fault for not riding in a safe enough manner to safely avoid these sorts of incidents, and there is an element of truth in that.

    What is the issue here is that the problem is NOT the motorcyclists fault alone, it is the attitude of all the road users on the GOR, but yet again we see that the government has to be seen to be doing something, and rather than taking steps to better train all users of the road, instead we're seeing action solely focused at removing motorcyclists from the road, and a misguided action at that. Rather than targeting the problem issues, being the corners, they're targetting the much much safer straight-aways.

    Damn typical propaganda. We have both sets of road users arguably doing the wrong thing, but we have the government targetting the minority and presumably about to take any means necessary to remove them from the road, which is commonly referred to in this article as "vehicle safety checks".
  17. I think the point is if they make enough noise about a strong police presence then motorcyclists will be more likely to avoid the area. Less motorcyclists -less chance of accidents. Then they can make lots more noise about what a great job they are doing & push to further lower speed limits etc. in other "trouble spots"
  18. In the Age online there is the article of the GOR and riders. There is also a photo of a rider taking a bend on the wrong side and over double lines.

    I copied the image into Photoshop and flipped it. Guess what, as the attitude of the bike suggests, he's on his proper side of the road and not going all that hard through the corner.

    The media is known to meddle with photos in order to push its slant on issues. It would not surprise me if this is the case here, too.

    That bike is hardly leaning over through that corner. In fact, there would be no need for him to go anywhere near the centre line going by the sharpness of the corner and how upright the bike is, let alone go right over to the take the "inside line".

    The flipped version, to me, looks more natural for an average rider negotiating a tightish bend like this one.

    Have a look for yourselves and see what you reckon.

    In case they've removed the photo, you can look at it here in its original format and after it's flipped.


    is the original photo out of The Age.


    is the "flipped" version.

    Of course, the photo may be geniune, but on a road in Europe or somewhere where they drive and ride on the right. The State government did this some time back when launching some road safety intiative. They used photos taken from a European road and used it to suggest that Australian riders were reckless.
  19. Went down to Lorne a few weeks ago for brekkie.

    On the way back, about 2 kms outside Lorne was a Gixxer thou almost in the ditch. Front whel had no spokes left (just a hulla hoop) so must have hit something hard. Rest of the bike was a mess. Rider carted off to hospital. Came around a right hander with good long range view and highsided, probably as he fed the power in too hard.

    A lot of the time its our fault that the heat gets brought onto us.

    Before opening this thread I looked at the year to date stats for accidents: overall up 1 on last year but motorbikes up 10 on last year (from 35 to 45) - up 33%. And then we complain when we get special treatment.

    Wakey wakey guys and girls.
  20. So you are suggesting that they have photoshopped in the red reflector on the white post as well?