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No Underbelly for Victorians.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bullet21, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Damn, was looking like a good show! sex and violence in one! :grin:
  2. Just been delayed until the trial ends.

    ... at which time it will get KICKARSE ratings because of this suppression order :eek:
  3. Bugger! Torrents anyone? :LOL:
  4. If anything, this will only spur on such things.

    This whole issue is aimed at not contaminating the potential jury, which to me, is offensive to those jurors and to the public in general.

    If the guy in question isn't named in the show and the events are fictionalised, how will the jury figure out what pertains to what in the trial?

    In any case all they have to concentrate on and be aware of what comes out of the trial, not some TV show.
  5. Yeah unfortunately the jurors that a lawer wan'ts are ones that they are able to impress and manipulate... These same individules are likely to be ones that are inpressed apon by things like TV as well.
    The lewers want to have control of the manipulation of there audiance, not have them pre manipulated before they get there
  6. We Melburnians all know the story anyway. I read in the paper the other day, that the cops are now onto the mobs that have formed , to fill the vacumm created by the death or jailing of all the druggy crims. We will have another war soon. Pro pilot could probably tell us when.
  7. and don't forget all the family groups wanted it to be banned due to its sex violence and swearing... but seriously if you don't want to watch it change the channel,

    I don't understand what they are getting uptight about
  8. Just go home and beat your sheep.
  9. The judgement states that the film corroborates elements of the trial information. Other parts are fiction. The issue is whether someone is entitled to a fair trial when a large portion of the jury pool may have watched the program, heard about the program or discussed the program.

    I don't understand why Ch CSI would screen a program when they know there is an imminent trial (esp when their advisors would know even more info). It is a cynical piece of timnig designed to muster ratings for Ch CSI.
  10. It looks like you completly understand exactly why they have done it.
  11. How would he know?
  12. It's going to blow up in their face, for Victoria, at least. And this is in part due to the legal team being from Sydney and with little understanding of the media landscape, or indeed the current affairs of Victoria.

    What I don't understand is that this whole issue has been done to death by the media, both in terms of actual crime coverage, endless current affairs reports, a book by Age crime reporter John Silvester, upon which Underbelly is based and now this.
  13. It's different though from the written word to the dramatic play. Remember, there are people who do get confused between reality and drama.

    You'll notice that the injuction was brought by the DPP, not the defence. Any canny defence lawyer would have let it go through and then challenged any negative verdict with an appeal, something the prosecution were wise to.
  14. There is a number of those underbelly books, all I can say is DONT believe everything you read.
  15. Yeah, especially on Netrider
  16. Who cares? There's enough cr#p on TV already..............
  17. If i want to see that I'll just walk down the street... :LOL:
  18. Or watch :wink:
  19. I think the most appalling part of this is that in effect, the entire state has been affected just in case a handful of people(the jurors) see the program and just in case those people are able to align it with the case and just in case those people are unable to make up their own mind, despite having been bombarded with bullshit newspaper reports for years.

    If you had to rate the chance of the screening of the show having a direct effect on the case, it would be infinitesimal. Yet this still rates as justification to pull the show. That is even better odds than Harold Scruby could ever hope for!