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No tail lights

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Sooty, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Executed the perfect emergency braking maneuver this arvo.

    Was cruising down a road following an AU Falcon, leaving plenty of gap etc. Then I see a family of ducks up ahead and started slowing in anticipation. The next second this Falcon has fully stopped causing me to really toss the anchors out, back wheel in the air part of the way.

    I thought it odd that I didn't notice the car stopping - I knew it would stop but it just seemed to do so without warning. I thought I just didn't notice which was worrying.

    So I followed it to the intersection at the end of the road and then noticed that it had NO working brake lights!

    Stopped and noted the rego on my phone and then called it in to the police when I got home - no official statement or anything, just letting them know before someone gets hurt.
  2. Common problem for au, junk brake light switches
  3. WERE THE DUCKS OK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!
  4. Yes, the car gave them 50m, I don't think they noticed.
  5. I know it's kinda off topic, but still to do with brake lights.

    Whats the go with the multitude of Tradies towing trailers with ^*&$all lights including indicators etc. These are their tools of trade and should at least be working.
    The number of times I have slammed on the brakes to avoid such a truck/car towing a largish trailer suddenly turning or pulling over is starting to siht me off!
  6. Trouble is, most don't know their lights are out.

    Split next to them next time, either knock on the window, or motion for them to unwind, and let them know! Doesn't hurt for public perception, either!!!

    Have done so several times, from roughnut bogans to grannies, and never had a negative response.
  7. i have one, and i can tell you one thing for sure i change a globe every fortnight, they have absolute crap electricals.. you should have just pulled up next to him/her and told him/her, people have told me about mine, and i have always thanked and fixed.