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No Stopping

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 7isenuf, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. G'day. First time I sat on a bike was at my learners course at the end of October. A week later bought a KLE500 and started commuting into the city. Awesome. The worst part of my day on the bus is now the best bit. Luckily I haven't had any real ******** moments (touch wood) which is great so my confidence hasn't been smashed early on. Plenty of rain though so lucky I'm not made of sugar.

    I wanted to ask the view on parking down at Sussex St next to the 3 big office buildings. I work there and it is great because I am usually in quite early and always plenty of spots. Over half of the bikes parked there are parked in No Stopping zones. The couple of times I have come in late I have done it as well but thinking the cheap commute becomes pretty expensive with one fine!!

    What is the go? I have always seen parking inspectors rubbing their hands together to get anyone with half a wheel but are they under instructions not to fine bikes? Hopefully I haven't spoiled it by saying it out loud but would like to hear others thoughts on it. Cheers Brett
  2. Usually nothing much happens, I happen to park there myself...
    But I wouldnt be surprised with how long that will last. Just try to get in early and get a legit spot. That's what I go for lol
  3. I know the spot you are talking about...i had a chat to a parking inspector one day about that very spot and infact other spots in general...He said (and this was only his personal opinion and cannot vague for other parking inspectors) that he does not generally book any bike so long as "they are out of the way and not causing any inconvience to anyone or other drivers".
  4. Trouble is quite recently more bikes are parking in front of a fire door, steps and the fire control boards for the tunnel. If that keeps happening I wouldnt be surprised if there's a clampdown.
  5. Thanks guys. My go exactly and it is surprising even when legit spots are still available people parking in the no stopping zones. Hope the relaxed approach continues because I don't know where all those overflow bikes will go if it was stopped. I actually can;t work out why the no stopping sign is required on the other side but i guess smarter people than I have worked it out before. Merry Xmas
  6. I've seen a bit of this around town, crazy stuff like two bikes parked hard up against fire doors. Seriously. Fidiots.