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NSW No Stopping zone

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TitsMcGee, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. So today I dropped into work for couple of hours. Parked my bike on the street out the front, in line with the with the sign post, which indicates a no stopping zone to the left and 1 hour parking the the right. When I returned to my bike 2 hours later it was about 3 meters into the no stopping zone, parked at a different angle, and you guessed it ... scratches to the left side of my bike.

    Thankfully I have a DRZ400sm so the damage is minimal (as was the case the last someone knocked it over). I was pleasantly surprised to see note had been left on my bike, however, the note turned out to be a mother fu**ing parking ticket....! for 'parking' in a no stopping zone. Needless to say I am fuming.

    So basically I'm not sure what the best course of action is... I plan on writing the the sdro requesting leniency with attached photos of the damage. Considering the bike only has minor cosmetic damage though, I didn't require towing, and I won't require any replacement parts... so I have no circumstantial evidence other than a couple of photos.. Even writing this out I'm wondering how believable this whole situation sounds.

    Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Ouch that sucks...

    Don’t know how the area is but would there be any cameras or shops owners that might have seen what happened. Maybe you can get some video or someone that can confirm they saw the hit?

    Other than that it is hard to prove the damage came as result.

    Good luck. Hope the person that did the hit gets a cramp you know where.
  3. Im guesing the SDRO will be pricks and not let you off.

    Do you think you could lodge a police report for hit & run accident & you may be able to show them that & might get off ?

    Just an idea, i wouldnt know really.
  4. Nothing ventured nothing gained, worth taking the time to send in what you believed happened and some pics IMHO.

  5. The energy and effort required to try and get out of it will be more then just paying the ticket... What is it like $65?.. Compared to all the legal crap.... Just work out a payment plan of $5 and just pay it.... Not worth the hassle.
  6. Your bike has been moved without your permission - that's illegal use of a motor vehicle in my books. Make a police report then write a letter quoting the report to the issuing authority along with a synopsis of events.
  7. Hah you're right, it'll sound like bullshit. That's really unfortunate. :( (naughty naughty staying more than one hour though! ...I may or may not ...occasionally... overstay the parking limit where I work too)
  8. I'm with synrgy, You might have a chance if there is some sort of police report. Whether the police will have the time of day is one thing, and whether you do is another.
  9. +1 to synergy lodge a police report, be insistent because they will not want to take one but say it is for insurance purposes.

    Write to the people who issued the parking ticket with the Police report number and explanation of the incident and photos of the damage to the bike and ask that the ticket be withdrawn. Do this as soon as possible!
  10. I was issued a ticket for parking in a metered zone without paying, (there's a thread about it on here) when I was actually outside the zone for the whole time.

    I sent them a photograph of my bike parked outside and after three months (three months!) Brisbane City Council upheld my appeal.

    I would say that it is definitely worth challenging the fine, and photographs of the damage can't hurt, especially since the initial challenge is probably free and doesn't involve much effort except submitting a letter and the photographs.
  11. Do the police report and letter.

    Then move to Melbourne to avoid a future reoccurence
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  12. Nah, it's around $200 from memory. But I agree about the hassle. The SDRO will not care unless you have evidence from a mechanic or towing company.
  13. Thank for all the responses!
    The ticket is $206 unfortunately so I'm thinking I'll lodge request for a review with the SDRO seeing as that won't take long. If that gets rejected I guess I'll just pay the fine rather having to deal with all the extra mucking around that would be involved in contesting it... If I have time tomorrow I might drop into the local police station tomorrow and see if it's worthwhile lodging a hit and run.
  14. Take photos of the damage. They are weak evidence, but they are still evidence. If it comes down to 50:50 in the mind of a magistrate, they might be enough to sway him/her. After all, no-one is going to be about to testify the damage was there when you parked it, so they have to take your evidence, that it wasn't, into account.
  15. $200!!!! Jesus!!! Lot has changed since I got my last parking fine lol..... I retract my previous statement..... Fight the government!!! Rip off bastards, take photos of how the bike was laying in the street and contest someone had knocked it over.

    Figgin parkos piss me off... Even now I feel like Punchin a penguin they piss me off so much!!

    Fight the powerrrrrrrrr
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    Lodge the hit and run it's your only hope contesting the fine.

    God there are some ****ed up people in the world. It's one thing to knock someones bike over without leaving a note but then to put it up in a no stopping zone is unbelievable. I don't usually wish harm upon anyone but this proves an exception.

    And 3m? A bikes not going to move that far just by being knocked over and picked up... who ever picked it up has deliberately put it there.

    While the story does sound sus, if you haven't had many parking tickets I think you could argue that your not stupid enough to park well into a no stopping zone when you are on a bike and can find legal parking anywhere. The knocked over account sounds far more plausible to me.

  17. Its unfortunate what happened to your bike, getting it knocked over and then placed in the no parking zone, and the person responsible was pathetic and gutless to not leave you a note with their contact details.

    But when you tell the story to the council/police etc.. it does sound a bit far-fetched which is the most unfortunate part of it all, as it is really hard to believe without witnesses and more proof than your word.

    which is bullshit, but i guess people try any excuse to get out of a fine these days so its hard to decipher the real from the bullshit claims.

    As everyone's said, file a police/incident report, with photos of where the bike was parked and the damage, and the no parking sign etc.. and make sure you have your time and date stamp settings on the camera/phone, so they can't say that the photos are old.

    It probably wont make much of a difference, but a $200 fine that you didn't deserve is something you shouldn't have to pay, where you were parked was there cameras or people near by in shops/cafe's etc.. who possibly witnessed it?

    If i was you id get as much evidence as possible, and report it and do your bit, and hope that they are understanding and nice enough to waive the fine.

    what are the chances it was the parking officer who moved it and dropped it.. i wonder.
  18. were you perhaps sharing a carspace with another car? as in you saw a non car sized gap and put your bike in it?

    can be a bit of a risk that one if its going to be even a bit tight for the driver. lots of people dont like bikes and especially dont like the perks we have over cars.

    situation im picturing:
    Op parks bike in the small gap a car leaves between it and the no stopping sign, a common way to get a park on your bike.
    Perhaps situation changes, and the car he parks infront of ends up getting tightly parked in from the rear, guy has a hard time getting out, maybe a new car has parked and its a big **** off land cruiser with bullbar and a drive who doenst give a shit.
    Anyway he hits your bike and says good riddance fkn biker dicks stealing parks.

    Puts it up in the no stopping because he wants to teach you a lesson about your choice of hobby. Not leaving a note is the norm these days i reckon.
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    There are also a shit load of Netriders riding about with Gopros. Give a time and location and you never know but someone here may have gotten video of you parked legally.

    Cops may have the same from a cruisers camera, unlikely they will look but can't hurt to ask.

    Also check if there is a bus route passing the spot. They have cameras too. All you need is one still of your bike parked legally and you will get out of it no sweat.

  20. Nah, its because the bike was in a No Stopping zone...different to no parking zone. That's why it was more expensive...

    Oh to OP...bummer, that would annoy me. Fight, fight, fight!!!! Sorry can't be more helpful than that, other than being a cheerleader. Others have already offered some good suggestions, keep us posted!!! GOOD LUCK :angel: