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No start after lowside

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by matressking, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I would really appreciate some advice to save me some money here.

    I had a slowspeed lowside (to the right) the other day (diesel spilled on blind corner, lots of fun) and am doing the repairs myself. have decided to just replace the exhaust as i wouldnt mind something new and rear brake lever needs changing etc etc

    Anyway, I was close to home and wheeled her back but now she wont start.

    When I hit the starter nothing at all happens, like as if i had the kickstand down or something. (I've messed around down there too in case something was up with the kickstand switch but i don't know a whole lot about it) No noise whatsoever. Battery is fine, all electrics working as expected. It's a 97 across.

    I've checked everything my limited knowledge tells me to but would like to hear any other suggestions before I give in and call a garage!

    Cheers guys.

  2. Check the kill switch - the connector to it may have come loose (or it's switched to "off" ;)).
  3. yeh sounds a little bit like the kill switch, I've also got an across and sometimes the kill switch looks like its in the run position but it hasnt switched inside yet. Try holding the clutch and the starter button while playing around with the killswitch.
    Alternatively, the wires in the clutch might be loose, try moving the clutch lever around and inspect the wires (right underneath where the clutch leaver pivots).

    hope that helps.
  4. cheers guys. will check it out on Tue (bike at gf's)
  5. I dont know about yours, But most late model bikes have an inbuilt kill switch, that cuts the motor when you drop it, It may be that it hasn't cut back in when you stand it up, after your fall.
    Try putting it on the centre stand and rolling the back wheel forwards and backwards a few times, this may make it trip back in.
    I hope this helps.
  6. wouldnt have thought they would have one. but hey you never know. good info..
    sounds very much like a connector that has come loose though.could have hurt the starter solenoid
  7. Check the wires near your kickstand. I had a similar lowside and it disconnected the wires/switch that kills the engine if I put the kickstand down while in gear.

    Also, turned your kill switch on and off? Some of the automatic kill switches that kill the engine when you drop your bike need to be reset.