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QLD No standing sign regulations for QLD?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pengo, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. G'day

    Just wondering if someone could help us out, trying to find official information on how far away from a posted no standing/no stopping sign the "no standing/stopping" applies to? Up to 5m? Up to 10m? Unlimited?

    I'm looking into this as where I work (at a Uni) I got a parking fine, granted I was at fault and I would normally take it on the chin and learn my lesson. Its just this particular area where I parked my bike, is commonly used by other bikes (thus why I chose to park there) and didn't take "due care" to see for any no standing/stopping sign other than a sign in the typical place of being on a pole right on the curbside. Furthermore the no standing/stopping sign is a distance away from where the bikes park. Basically I parked directly behind marked bike bays with some other bikes in an open-air enviroment. About 5m away is a building with a no standing sign on it, that I found out applies for the area I was parked. If anyone goes to Griffith Uni Nathan, its the bike parks at the rear of the Library building outside the "Theatre" building. The no stopping/standing sign is on the wall of the "theatre" building which is facing the parking bay.

    Anyway, if anyone can link to a document stating what the regulations are that would be greatly appreciated, as I think the uni could have provided better signage as the parking bays regularly fill up. They could easily put painted lines on the area directly past the parking bays that is used as "overflow" for bike parking or painted "no parking/stopping/standing" on the ground there. I guess there just is a financial incentive not to and make it misleading....

    So far I have only been able to find PDFs about how to make signs, the wording, sign, shape etc heh.

  2. Re: No standing sign regulations for QLD?

    At work (uni) now, got a spot in the bike parking bays made sure to get here early this time :)

    Anyway took another look at the signage, ok memory is deceptive I'd say its a good 3-5m from the wall of the building with the no stopping/standing sign to the end of the parking bays. Also the signage doesn't have any arrows on it, I'll have to refer to the signage regulation pdf I found but I think they need to clearly show arrows for it not to lead to confusion. Who knows might be grasping at straws.

    I'll have to borrow a camera and take a pic of the area/signs in questions so you guys have a better idea. I don't think it'll be on google maps (streetview?) but I'll take a look.

  3. Here are the pics, click them to get bigger versions and then click again on the imageshack picture to get the full size photo:

    You'll see the sign i'm talking about doesn't have the arrows or the word "area", so its misleading on where exactly other than immediately infront of the wall... Where I parked is right behind the bays, my bike was parked perpedicular to it so imagine the bay is like an "I" and my bike was parked to make the "I" into a "T"...

    Do I have a leg to stand on? Am I grasping at straws hoping to get this waived? Ok enough with the cliches :p Tho what has me peeved the most is typically they give you a warning for your first offence (this is my first offence) but instead I got hit up straight away with the fine. :(

  4. Normal practice (at least in NSW) is that the "No Standing" would extend to the first intersection/driveway etc. If the "No Standing" area continued, it would require another sign. The way I read the sign in your first picture (no arrow) would mean that it is as you suggested, just an area directly in front of the building the sign was attached to. BUT As you said, quite vague.

    Finally, you could write a letter of dispute to the relevant authority but I don't like your chances. The only thing they might do is offer to make the signage more clear as to its meaning (which may help others in future). I recently went though an experience with SRO here in NSW and it appears that disputes are rarely successful.
  5. Woohoo got the fine waived, yay!