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No speedo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sleddog, May 5, 2006.

  1. My speedo stoped working ,along with the trip meter and Km's meter.
    The bike is 6 months old with around 3000km on it ,and still under warrenty. :grin:

    Good points..... no Km's going up on the bike ,trade it in in 12 months with 3000km ,but done 12,000. :LOL: .
    Hoping the shop won't realise????????

    Bad points ,heaps of speed camera in sydney ,loosing points maybe licence ,fines $$$$, from not knowing the speed.
    Not knowing how fast im going in to a corner ,as i do look to see im not over cooking it .i should be on my P's. so still very much a learner.
    Not knowing when to do the service at 6000km ,just a guess and maybe the shop knowing ,i have gone over 6000km ,and loosing my warrenty :evil: .

    To fix or not to fix??.

  2. Fix.
    It wont be the dealer that looses out from the dodgy kms, it will be some poor new owner :( wouldnt want it to happen to you would ya (riders are an easy target for when the karma fairy is feeling lazy remember).

    When my speedo cable for the ZZR250 snapped it only cost $22 for another one, in your case it will be nothing except mabey the hassle of the dealer taking 2 weeks to be bothered fixing it :roll:
  3. Just get it fixed ya dodgy fcuker :p :LOL:

    Seriously though i reckon it will be more of a hassle than maybe saving a few bucks down the track.
  4. If you do choose the evil :twisted: route just get a pushy speedo. Cost about $50 (give or take) and will let you know your speed and kilometres travelled, not to mention a good one will tell you the calories you've burned :grin:
  5. for a while i rode with out a speedo. I would go by the tacho, on the freeway i knew that if i was travelling at 10,000 rpm in top gear then i would be traveling the same speed as the majority of the traffic. (95km/h). after a while you get to know how fast each gear is at around the middle rev range.

    Now i ride without a speedo or a tacho. Go figure