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NT No speed limits considered

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by waedwe, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=8531177

  2. WTF, hasn't he seen the TAC ads?!. Burn the heretic!
  3. Good on ya Mr Mills.
  4. provided that all four wheels on their cars are the same size
  5. There's only 2 cops in Tassie anyway, at least that's all I came across on my last road trip down there. Those roads, just marvelous.
  6. Plenty of proper performance cars have different sized wheels (diameter and width) from the factory. No way I would degrade the handling of my car by having all wheels the same size.

    Here's hoping the NT does see the light and the states follow, especially in areas of WA, Qld, SA and NSW.
  7. Whats really interesting in that document is the second page, halfway down where it says:

    "21% were known to be speed related (Note: vehicle speed influences all crashes);"
    (Emphasis mine).

    That's a bit different to the tick box they use in Victoria.
  8. i might write him an email about his most excellent idea....

    its funny there was such a huge spike in the road toll from the very month that the speed limits and demerit points came in up there... the change was around september 2007 from memory and the downward trend continued all the way to auguest then immediately went up 74% for the rest of the year... 2007 was on track for a mid 30's road toll again....
  9. I believed (for no good reason) at the time the 130Kph limit was introduced that some of the states were frowning on the 130Kph speed limit as it didn't look good for their road safety mantras. IE: When someone drove from shitty restricted roads in QLD with Whoppers after every crest, to the NT border where the road was well maintained and wide, and you could set your pace. Since the 130Kph limit came in, if you comply with that you can add several hours per day to your trip.
  10. pretty sure you wont have a different wheel and tyre on each corner like many of the falcodores I've seen in NT though
  11. Did someone say Road trip??
  12. i would go there and spend lots of my money on accommodation, petrol, and bacon&egg rolls if they changed the laws.
  13. From memory the change was actually around February 2007, not that it matters much. It is 'funny' that they had such a terrible year immediately following the change. But then the year after they had less than half the number of fatalities. They had some bad years prior to the removal of the open speed limit too.

    Frankly I'm not confident any trends in NT road safety can be identified without looking at several decades of data. Not when their yearly deathtoll is 50 deaths +/- 20. Way too much variability to look at a 1 year or 3 year trend.

    That said, I agree with you - I think the proposal to return to an open speed limit has excellent grounding in that, from memory, something like only 2-3 fatalities each year occurred with a vehicle speed in excess of 130kph, even before the limit was introduced. To me it seems like it was more of a political move to bring the NT into line with the other states and territories rather than a targetted safety strategy.
  14. Or small tree trunks for axles. Ive seen docos on bush mechanics :p
  15. Especially when a lot of those deaths are attributable to the greater tendency for people in the NT to drive drunk and/or without a seatbelt.
  16. From my source earlier 46% alcohol related that is pretty bad.

    Interesting also 56% were single vehicle leaving road or overturn.
  17. My cousin would be one of those. Jacked up Hiluxes handle like shit on the highway, but are very, very common in the NT.