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QLD No Signs For Road Works And "rough Surface"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by hongyi77, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Turned left into a major arterial today as part of my daily commute and thought the road surface looked a different colour. Straightened up and slowed down, luckily I did because the road is all grated and roughed up to be re-surfaced. Even the cars got caught out because the road threw up plumes of dust and cars were sliding a bit too. It looked partly watered down but still so rough and SLIPPERY on the bike!! Pretty scary surpise... :(

    I forced myself to look far ahead and what seemed like forever, the rough surface finally finished...

    I travel on this road every single day and came back late last night too, no road works. Must have been done this morning but there are NO SIGNS saying "rough surface". Are the council/Queensland Transport supposed to flag that so that people can take care, especially during peak hour traffic???
  2. I would have thought they had to sign post it. Have you contact the council/Qld Transport.

    jeez, thanks for reminding me. I've got to contact the local council we some loose gravel (caused by previous work) near my place.
  3. with all the OH&S stuff that is around these days, I'm surprised there weren't signs up six weeks in advance of the road-works! Just as well you were alert to the situation, and I'd be calling the Council too and asking the question...
  4. Succinctly, yes, the people doing the roadworks should have advance warning signs on one or both sides of the road to warn people of the roadworks, ROUGH SURFACE, etc. They have to be positioned such that they will not be obscured by trees/street furniture/parked cars. And measures taken to prevent cars from parking if they might obscure said signs.

    There are well documented guidelines on the signage which must be used, where to use it, how to use it, etc.

    Hop on the phone and get a pineapple up them.
  5. Just got off the phone with Queensland Transport, the person had to refer to his supervisor then after a long wait, said his computer system was not working and took my name and number down. I had told him there were no signs put up and wanted to know when the road works will finish. They will contact me and he will pass on my concerns.
  6. Sounds like they gave you the run around
  7. fcuk how will they ever be able to overpay a bunch of failures to stand around erecting road signs with out their computer system!

    the horror!
  8. Maybe I was being too nice on the phone. The road was still rough when I came home the other way today, wonder if they will resurface tonight as it is a really busy road and no way can be done during the day.

    They couldn't even tell me if there were road works there!
  9. If its a major road, it will the responsibility of Main Roads Qld, otherwise its council. There should be advance warning of changed road conditions (if they were changed, i.e. loose surface).

    Annoys me when people blame OHS for things like road signs (looking your way Hornet). Its not always OHS, its often public liability. Road signage requirements are legislated, its part of the job and not hard to figure out. They are supposed to be there for workers' safety, motorists safety, and to minimise the amount of tards trying to sue councils for their own stupid inattention. [Rant over]

    Good to see you were paying attention H77.
  10. Normal behaviour in Qld now ... the supervisor probably doens't exist anymore with all the job cuts n all :(
  11. Yeah there have been major cuts, quite a few people I know affected :(
  12. Definitely sounds like you got the brush-off.

    Friend of mine rolled his ute some years back due to roadwork in a dip in the road. Came over the ridge and there were trucks and diggers in the middle of the road. Swerved, off the road, spin, flip, roll.

    No signage of any sort. His dad was on the board of some national body of road work compliance Nazi squad of some sort. Law suits did ensue.
  13. OMG how can they not warn people of a danger like that?! It is unbelievable...
  14. meh, all the laws, rules, and guideline in the world are worth nowt if people are too stupid, forgetful, or just plain incompetent to follow them.

    'tis a sad reality when dealing with something as fallible as a human
  15. We are at 7.5% unemployment on the Sunshine coast, and it's getting worse.
    Most of our workers are hospitality. One more average summer and most places will go under. Unemployment will be in the 8's or more..
    And if mr Obamah doesn't get back in our Dollar will rise again....and tourism will be in all sorts of trouble
  16. It would be nice if the Qld govt would actually spend the money forcibly taken from everyone in their tax return a couple years ago after the floods and cyclone. Billions collected, not much spent, lots of interest earned.
  17. So the test is whether they fixed the signage after your call.

    I've been give the brush off by TMR before regarding road work signage (I complained because they had road work signs and a reduced speed limit from 90 to 40 but there was absolutely nothing going on). But maybe you'll have better luck this time.
  18. & what happens when there are roadwork signs in place? :whistle: :p



    In answer to your question, requirements for signage at roadwork sites is defined in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

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  19. I noticed signs for reduced 40km/h limit along that stretch today with picture of car flicking stones. Managed to find half a lane of unscraped road on the leftmost lane and stuck to that while it lasted! They seem to be resurfacing when I rode home tonight, so I am expecting superior road surface tomorrow hahahahaahaha :D
  20. I suppose it doesn't change the situation I was in! Yeah most drivers ignore it esp if they see signs and no work is going on, makes them sick of signs. Brissie is just signs, signs, everywhere are signs.... :D