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VIC No shit Sherlock

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by smee, Dec 27, 2010.

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    Victoria's worst accident hot spots don't have speed cameras. Picture: Darren Mcnamara Source: Herald Sun

    ONLY four of Victoria's 20 most dangerous accident black spots are monitored by speed cameras.

    Yet almost all of the most lucrative speed camera locations have been free of fatalities in the past five years.

    Dangerous outer-suburban intersections are being ignored in favour of busy inner-city locations.

    The revelations have been seized on as proof that cameras are for revenue raising.

    Should our top accident black spots have speed cameras? Have your say below

    But the State Government confirmed last night camera location guidelines would be examined as part of a sweeping review to restore public faith in the system.

    According to the VicRoads crash database, the most accident-prone location is the corner of Centre and Dandenong roads, Springvale.

    Results: Speed cameras
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    Do speed cameras have a role to play in saving lives?
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    Editorial: Speed cameras out of focus

    A complex six-way intersection, it has been the scene of 36 accidents causing serious injury over the past five years, but does not have a camera.

    The biggest four revenue generators, all along EastLink, have not seen one serious accident in that time.

    The second-most dangerous black spot is St Kilda Junction- at the intersection of St Kilda Rd, Fitzroy St and Punt Rd - which has a camera.

    Over the past five years, 27 people have suffered serious injuries there.

    After that, the next three most dangerous locations do not have cameras. A former VicRoads safety official said the result was no surprise.

    "Speed cameras are placed in locations with very high levels of traffic flow and where there is an increased chance of fining people," engineer John Lambert said.

    Mr Lambert said there was no evidence that accident locations had been analysed before placing cameras. "The rationale for them choosing those sites would be very interesting to know," he said.

    The Department of Justice says on its website that cameras "are located on our most dangerous roads and intersections to prevent speed and red-light offences".

  2. This is the way our legal system seems to be heading. Persecute the majority for minor offences, knowing that they will pay fines and rarely contest matters in court. But ignore the more serious and/or repeat offenders that just tie up valuable court time and who usually just ignore any penalty handed down anyway.

    Edit: If they were serious about safety they'd be going after that 1 car in a thousand driving like a complete and utter knob, not the thousand cars that are simply going with traffic and not looking at their speedo every 5 seconds.
  3. The revenue from this forms part of the governments financial forecasts which they use to borrow money against. With no more assists to use as collateral, these buckets are all that's left. Else Victoria goes bankrupt!
  4. What's worse is I've seen Government reports which have predicted (and relied upon) and increase in revenue from speeding. If speed cameras were, as they claim, effective in changing driver behaviour then surely an increase in the number of cameras would result in a decrease in revenue.
  5. whilst i'm 110% in favour of a clandestine group rendering speeds cameras innactive with explosives; the sad reality is most of you lot are pussies, not freedom fighters.

    best alternative thing you pussies can do is contest every fine and use every bullshit beaurocratic avenue available to you to avoid paying and/or delay payment. this ultimately makes the cost of collecting the fine higher than the revenue raised and more and more people are choosing to do this to help bring down an unjust system.
    if you're not paying off a 100 dolar fine with 5 cent weekly installments by cheques that routinely bounce, over the next 250 years then you're not trying hard enough.
  6. So then, what actions are you taking since you're the only one NOT in the pussies category?
  7. I flipped the bird at one once. Geez I felt good.
  8. While I agree with the argument that speed cameras are used as revenue raisers - anyone that has driven/ridden through the Springvale intersection would be smart enough to realise that it isn't excess speed causing accidents there. The reason accidents happen is because it's one of the most complex (and confusing) intersections in the world. Sure, you travel through it enough, you understand it. But for people who don't regularly use it, it's a nightmare.

    Same goes for the one in St. Kilda - not quite as bad, but people who don't know what they're doing make life dangerous for everyone regardless of their speed.

    Poor road/intersection design is causing accidents to happen at those two particular intersections - no amount of cameras will help.
  9. Spaghetti Junction (Springvale, Police & Dandenong Roads) needs major work to reduce confusion.

    Something as simple as lane indication signage well prior to the intersection and removing signs that aren't important would be a great start.
  10. When I read that article I saw it as a "see, I told you" one. That is, I expect government and police spokesmen/women/people to trot out something like, "see, the cameras are working. Where there are cameras no-one's dying.".

    So, what if they do put them up in these so-called blackspots? Will the toll magically drop?
  11. Just like the rock in my garden that keeps tigers away.
  12. Shit, I need one of those, I have those bastards roaming around everywhere. I have to pole vault from my front door over the fence to leave for work.
  13. They'll do what they normally do. There's a blackspot somewhere. They'll spend $30-50M on fixing the road infrastructure issue at said black-spot, making it 10x safer than it was before, they'll lower the speed limit there even though it's now much safer than it used to be, they'll stick a speed camera in the blackspot that is now fixed, and point to the camera being installed as the sole reason for any drop in fatalities while bashing on drivers caught speeding in what is now a ridiculously low speed limit for the fixed area.

    Tell me if I'm wrong.
  14. Nup, you're not wrong.
  15. What you need is a rifle, then you can go into business making tiger skin seat covers (I'll take one for the bike and a set for the car).
  16. It just cost me $4400-00 for a solicitor for the day to fight a speeding fine,
    It didnt get me any where, but I got an extra point for the exercise,
    Thats why people just pay the fine and shut up about it,
    The police know this and use it to their advantage,
    Your f#cked either way,
  17. Strange that the graffiti artists dont touch speed cameras, Possibly too young to drive,
  18. They do from time to time and them vicpol set up video surveillance on them.
  19. What was your defence mate?
  20. You have the answer right there.