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No Science Minister for Abbott.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2up, Sep 16, 2013.

  1. The writing is on the wall..................

    FOR the first time since the creation of a science portfolio in 1931, Australia does not have a science minister.
    The Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott announced today during his cabinet unveiling that the science portfolio would be shared between the Industry and Education ministries.
    "Science, as in the CSIRO, will be with industry," Mr Abbott said during the press conference, which means the minister overseeing the sciences will be Ian McFarlane.
    Laborite Jack Holloway was the first Australian minister to hold a science portfolio when he was appointed assistant minister for industry, council for scientific and industrial research in 1931.

    The science portfolio - though it took different forms - was held by more than 30 ministers both Labor and Liberal up until today when it was abolished by Mr Abbott.

  2. fcuking disgraceful. This is my profession. Where was their no science policy before the election? 1 week in and I'm already banging the keyboard. It's going to be a long 3 years.
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  3. Get ready for the Ban Abortion Bill.
  4. I suppose it would have been inconvenient for him to give science a voice when scientists keep saying things that, were he to accept them, would force him into a state of cognitive dissonance.
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  5. It's all going to be OK. Charlton Heston will save us all from climate change, boats, gays, budget emergencies (remember that?) and the NBN. No-one really believes that science stuff anyway.

    Do they?

  6. I thought it was pretty cool how there is just 1 woman in the cabinet.

  7. Stop complaining.

    The important thing is we have a Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and Operation Sovereign Borders will begin any day now.
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  8. Science in with Industry. Says it all really. If it doesn't make money it's obviously not worth doing.
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  9. Who needs science when you have god.

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  10. Ah, but what a woman. :)
  11. Abbot is going to be vexed when he finds out God is a woman.
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  12. ...and people were questioning why you shouldn't vote for some other mob in the senate... imagine if he had control of both houses.
  13. More good news from Canberra...

  14. Really?
  15. So can I apply for asylum in other countries?
  16. I'm seriously thinking of declaring the Bellarine Peninsula an independent Sovereign State. You're most welcome to hire a boat from Mordialloc and come on over....although I will be sending you to Naru for processing first.
  17. Yeah heard the news at work...might jump ship early and start a new career path if I continue to live in Australia.
  18. Is science in the outer ministry or completely missed altogether?
  19. The education appointment is also interesting. Given his views, Christopher Pyne, ".....the students who are choosing teaching are choosing teaching because it's cheap, because it's not going to push them further than they were in year 12 and because they think it is easy. Now that's not the kind of student we want to be teaching our young people." ABC Lateline 16 august 2012. So we became teachers because we are lazy and want cushy jobs. If I was then I would become a politician.
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