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No Rythym, No Style, No Good

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by CC20052, May 31, 2008.

  1. I was really looking forward to a good ride today. The intention was to practice smooth controlled cornering techniques. (In a nut shell, every thing felt so wrong and un natural.) I headed off from Langwarrin with anticipation of a good days ride, into the Dandenong’s, Gembrook, Healesville / Black Spur (two runs) then on to Marysville and home via the Reefton Spur, Olinda, Belgrave and home.

    So many corners felt un natural and I ran overly wide three times, onto the other side of the road. All three corners were easy left handers? I was lucky that they weren't tight, bumpy and complicated. I could actually see when approaching them in each case that no vehicles were approaching from the opposite direction, my line of sight was un impeded. The surfaces were clean and flat in each case. I really could have been more aggressive to keep the bike within my lane. It was more of the case of f**king up and letting it run wide after the fault. This is probably the major error and a bad thing to allow.

    If I knew that this was going to be the format of the day; I would have gone home. when I let the bike run wide the first time I pressed on, saying to myself concentrate, look to where I want to go, so on, so on, so on. As the title of the thread states, that’s how it was for 300 +km and $30.00 of petrol. I should have stayed home.

    The really sad thing about this (not that the Blk Spur is 80K) is that I was not pushing hard? It’s time to take stock of all of it and learn from it. I have actually headed off for a rides before and have pulled the pin shortly after just because of not feeling right.

    Do you have days like this?
  2. Its funny, I went to the black spur this afternoon for the Tuono's first real "faster" run through there and everything felt perrfect. It all seemed ot flow nicely. I only encountered three problems today;

    1. Cars that still only wanted to do 50-60 thru the spur;
    2. That stupid bloody 80 speed limit; and
    3. Had a couple of deep breath moments, but to me, if you dont have some of those moments, then you arent pushing hard enough and you dont improve.

    Pity things didnt feel good for you today, but you have those days every now and then. It was such a beautiful day to be out and about on the bike.
  3. My bike felt strange today too. Chain was too tight and tyre pressures too low.
  4. Yeah, I've been for a few rides through the Dandy's, reefton and Black Spurs. Great roads, but I've had the same problem of coming out of a corner and going wide. Some of those corners are not nice and smooth which can throw you out if you aren't used to them. It can make for a frustrating ride....Doesn't help being a learner rider either. :evil:
  5. IMHO on days like these it's best to turn around and head home.
  6. Sounds like someone's sex life. Not mine, of course.
  7. I head out every weekend and I never have a bad ride. Of course I ride differently depending on my frame of mine etc. Maybe this was the problem for you: you were riding according to too much of a preconceived notion ("the intention") of how you should be doing it today, rather than going with what felt natural. There are plenty of things that can spoil one's ride if they let it, one just has to find what is best in the moment and adapt their riding: you're not cornering well at speed? Then slow right down and practice / enjoy slow cornering. There's traffic slowing you down? - Then slow down and enjoy the view. It's pouring? - Enjoy the sensation of really experiencing the elements. Etc etc.

    Then again maybe this was not the problem afflicting you today.
  8. After years of reading all those posts about how people crash & it has nothing at all to do with speeding or riding fast, I just think f#ck it & ride flat stick everywhere. Except for the really dangerous spots where the speed cameras are lurking. Like on 3 lane freeways. So I no longer have the excuse of loosing concentration, running off the road & riding badly due to watching my speedo. So far so good.
    I find it quite amusing to read all the posts where everyone is crying about how the speed limits have been lowered in their favourite riding area. Why do you suppose this has happened? Do you think it is due to all the car accidents & bad car drivers in these areas? I have a suspicion I know why. Your ideas?
  9. Why were you running wide, were you going into corners too fast?
    Sounds like you needed to set your speed and gear more conservatively prior to the turn.
    If that wasn't the problem then were you forgetting to look through the turns?
    If I'm riding like a dickhead I tend to slow right down for a while until I feel back in control.
    BTW I'm only learning too :wink:
  10. I actually think it was a combination of several things looking back on it. What you have stated and what mattb mentioned "too much of a preconceived notion" ? One other thing that was totally different I was wearing industrial type ear plugs of which cancel out a lot of sound, I normally only wear them just on long highway stints.
  11. If you find you are running wide into the incoming lane three times in one ride I hope you are really lucky.
  12. Maybe he didnt need the luck "It was more of the case of f**king up and letting it run wide after the fault." but over empathised on his agenda like someone else said. The ear plugs maybe a contributing distraction, you might have to get use to em, but I dont know cause I dont use em.
  13. I find I sometimes have days where I cant seem to get it together and then other days when Im brilliant. I rode like a spaz on Thurs night. but then I was very tired and cold and hungry. The minute that your mind starts thinking about other things it can certainly affect what youre doing.
  14. Instead of us all hypothesising, how about someone doing something practical and giving this guy a few lessons on counter-steering??? It shouldn't take more than a few hours to instruct and review the basics, and I'm sure his riding would benefit greatly.
  15. Not saying it's you, but I found that most people who run wide on corners just underestimate their and the bikes ability to tip in hard.
  16. I read that long thread a couple of months ago about what to do if you go in to a corner too hot, was asking for simple answer and after a few pages of replies answer was countersteer.
    It stuck in my head and when I went into a corner soon after which tightened up much more than I was expecting - in the rain, downhill, car on my tail - I forced myself to push harder on the inside grip and came out the corner without running wide. I reckon that was my worst case scenario and it proved to me that if you keep the throttle on and countersteer harder it's amazing how tight you can steer even in the wet.
  17. ...and why after messing something up in a corner would you "allow" the bike to run wide?...somethings wrong with that.

    As for having a bad day out...that's pretty normal for everyone relatively speaking....And it changes, or can change during the day...good morning - bad arvo, or vice versa.
    I know from one time to the next whether my head is in the game or not, and i just ride accordingly...saving my more brisk riding for when I feel I am getting the bike back under me.
    I agree, that it soulds like you went out with pre-conceptions. But that's no big deal...just chalk it up to a less than satisfactory day and then look to your next ride...it just does'nt always go according to plan.
  18. reading the motorbike crash reports - or the police reports at least - crashes tend to be on 'navigable' bends on a clear day on a good surface, with the rider at or under the posted speed limit...

    I'm no expert but if the guy needs advice on counter steering then he shouldn't be up on the Spur.

    bad day or not.

    apologies for the 3rd person :)
  19. "easy left handers" ???
  20. Aren't YOU the soul of compassion??? What's wrong with learning countersteering ON the Spur (if someone is selfless enough to do some tutoring?) It's only an 80kmh limit now, after all......