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no riding for a few weeks:(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Jun 13, 2005.

  1. fell off a fence while drunk this morning and broke my wrist/chipped my tooth (i swear it hurts the most!) got a cast for 4-6 weeks ..


    /sulks again:<

    /will sulk until back on the bike
  2. they say "lifes too short to be sitting on a fence and letting it pass you by"

    but getting drunk and falling off is taking it a bit too seriously :p
  3. Look up embellishment in the Oxford Dictionary ya big girl! froflmao!
    p.s. I hope you recover well & quickly so you can get back into winter riding!
  4. Well no one can accused you of being a fence-sitter now... :p

    At least you didn't drop your bike...............you didn't drop your bike did you? :wink:
  5. Ahhh, that does not sound like a good end to a night. I hope the drinking session was a good one anyway.
  6. Leaning to far and lost traction hey cosi :D . Seriously tho , hope all heals well :D .
  7. Man thats gotta be hard, seeing the Ninja every day, not being able to throw a leg over. There, there. :(
  8. Hope you heal fully and quickly.
    I don't enjoy not being able to ride my bike.
  9. thanks guys

    what? fell off my bike ?:-O i swear it lookedd liike a fence last nite!

    man lef tt hand typing'
  10. Man how high was the fence? I always thought that alcohol was the prefect thing for making bones bend, bounce rather than break
    Seriously, hope it heals well and you're back on you're bike soon.
  11. Excellent, well done.
  12. i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly i can fly

  13. Hey mum look no hands!!!
    Seriously, hope you're all well again soon, man.
    In the mean time stay in trim by posting hundreds of messages on Netrider!!!
  14. Mate, I'm in complete sympathy with you :)

    2 months ago I twisted my knee at work and damaged the cartilage :roll: and kept working till i really stuffed it :shock: Now I'm not allowed to ride except for to the physio (5 min away) until it's fixed (no idea how long till that happens)

    So now I get to stay home, enjoy the $150 a week workcover pays me and look at my beautiful bike sitting in the garage telling me to ride it :shock:
  15. You poor thing mate, I've chipped my front tooth before and that was agony!! I wish you a speedy recovery.

    :D :D
  16. Look at the bright side...
    You haven't got a busted bike, no insurance hassles (unless you wanna sue the owner of the fence or yourself for being pissed), no questions here about a slightly scratched helmet or whingeing about shoddy and slow repair-shops.
    All up, it's not really bad then... :LOL:
  17. sorry to hear of your durnken mischief....... but MY GOD that would have been funny!!!!! :LOL: :D :D :LOL:
  18. well got a few days off work
    tooth capped tomorrow
    and on kids panadol
    it was 2 metre high fence :p
    would of been a good laugh yes :eek:

    sooooooooooooo stupid
  19. Wow, must've been a great night... until that point. :(
    I'm kinda glad all my antics involving 2-5m high water tanks never involved any broken bones. :D