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No Rego & RWC - Big risk?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mark59, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. What should I look out for when considering a bike for sale which is out of rego and will not be supplied with a RWC.

    For sale, as is, for $4k, about $1k less than a registered bike with a RWC.

    Is this a reasonable bargain or a risky deal?
  2. No 1 is do a online history check to make sure it's not a non repairable write off that can't be registered
  3. Be careful if you take it for a little test ride or you will get done for driving unregistered vehicle.

    I'm pretty sure There was a thread here not that long ago about someone who it had happened to.
  4. What make/model bike are you looking for - LAMS, track, full fat (e.g. non LAMS) classic?
    You can get a 125 Honda new for less than 4K.
  5. Its a 2008 SV650n with 22k on the clock. I've been riding for two years and finally upgrading from a scooter that I have literally ridden the wheels off in my daily commute doing 20,000km in 23 months.

    I got my license on a CBF250 so I have some familiarity with motorbikes and I've been constantly researching the next bike ever since I got the TGB 150cc scoot two years ago.

    The story I have from the male vendor is that he is doing a female family friend a favour. He bought it off her to to help her out as she was struggling for money and the rego had already expired in August '13. He has some paperwork with the bike which may include service records but he is not sure.

    All this means is that he is not the current rider so I have no way of assessing the bike's history from a personal assessment of him.

    I am quite uncomfortable in paying for an un-reg, non RWC bike. Seems like an open opportunity to pay now and then find out its unable to be registered later.

    The online history check is an excellent idea. Is there anything else I could do?

    I guess if I think its too much a potential risk I should look elsewhere but I'd hate to overlook a good deal just cos I was not prepared to get the VicRoad 28 day permit and pay for the RWC and any fix-ups as required. Under these circumstances a very close visual inspection would be a must. Perhaps he would let me take it to a dealer for a once over if he has nothing to hide?

    The checklists on the NetRider site are very comprehensive so that's a great start. The question is what else can I do to reduce the risk?

  6. Ask him to add the cost of a RWC to the sale price
  7. You'd also need to find out if the vehicle is under finance, or stolen.
    RWC costs could balloon out quite alarmingly, or be next to nothing. But for my money, a RWC and current rego is worth a grand at the very least.
  8. Sounds dodgy. Ask the guy if you can speak to the previous owner ;)
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  9. Unless it looks like an absolute bargain & the previous owner checks out I'd look elsewhere.
  10. Agree with fractalz. Ask for the number of the prev owner. I would imagine, seeing as it was unregistered when he bought it and still is that he didn't get a RWC or anything either and Im imagining that the rego prob wouldn't have been transferred to his name either from the woman so you're going to need to deal with her anyway if thats the case, cause her details are going to need to be on the forms if it's not in his name, cause then legally it's not really his to sell even if he gave her the money for it.

    Does sound dodgy, proceed with extreme caution or better yet, keep looking for another one I reckon unless you can speak to the woman.
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  11. Many thanks to all for your very helpful advice. Very much appreciated.

    To perhaps save me a trip this weekend, I will ask him for the contact details of the actual previous rider so I can call her PRIOR to inspecting the bike to get some details on its use etc. Any hesitation from him and I'll think I'll look elsewhere.

    The VicRoad site says:

    Unregistered vehiclesAn unregistered vehicle can be sold without a Certificate of Roadworthiness.

    Seller’s responsibilities
    • cancel vehicle registration, remove number plates and return them to VicRoads. Refunds on registration are available if you cancel registration before it expires and the registration was in your name.
    Buyer’s responsibilities

    The advert shows the bike with the plates so I assume the rego is unpaid but perhaps not actually cancelled. I'll check this. And you are right, Mr trojanhorse, he is just acting as the woman's agent (even if he gave her money). She is very likely to still remain the registered owner and will need to participate in the transfer process.

    I'll let you know how I go. Even if she checks out and I end up looking at the bike I'll leave my money at home as there are a few other bikes I'll follow up and then sleep on it to decide next steps.

    Can't let my pent-up enthusiasm to scrap my scooter cloud my judgement.

    Ride safe!
  12. Sounds dodgey
    Look elsewhere
  13. Depends on why it's unregistered and why the seller isn't getting a RWC done.
  14. Counter to some of the arguments here, lots of people buy bikes, choose not to ride and then let rego lapse. Then they are too lazy or don't have the cash to get it re-roadworthied/registered.

    As you suggest, try to talk to the previous owner. I'd also offer another $500 off the asking price - if they just want to shift it, they might go for it. Definitely do the necessary WOVR checks though.
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  15. if you are still keen after you've viewed it, tell the guy you'll buy it if he gets it roadworthied, and you'll pay for the test. If it passes then no worries. If it fails, at least you'll know what is wrong and it might still be worth haggling over. worst case you'll be out $150 which might still be better than walking away never quite knowing if you've missed a bargain.

    this assumes you've done the checks with VicRoads etc and nothing there is a problem
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  16. Be sure that it has original exhaust as that is now needed to get a RWC.

    Also some people like to fit tail tidies and that will also fail the RWC if not replaced with the original tail or a reasonable facsimile there of.

    But it might be a good price, just remember to factor in the cost of getting exhaust and or original tail from the wreckers. You could always use this as a bargaining chip.
  17. As to the motivations of the seller I can only go on the few SMS I have exchanged with him. I'll bet that he will say he doesn't want to bother the little lady with having to deal with buyers and so he will "protect" her from my wish to speak to her. Presumably if she is still the registered owner she'll need to hand in the plates?

    The who knows if she even exists!

    I watch far too much 'Breaking Bad' to take anything at face value. I'll simply stick to the facts. No doubt if I start to appear to be getting wise to any potential scheme the bike will suddenly have been sold or withdrawn from sale to dispense with my nosy inquiries.

    Like trams, there will be another one along in five minutes!

    The best part of this little story has been all your very generous advice and suggestions. Just like on the road among the cagers, its always great to come across another rider and give them a nod. Its a special community among riders.

    Now you're makin' me get all misty! Stay upright!

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  18. Its likely to be one of these. So if you're careful it could be a bargain. A lot of people fairly quickly discover riding isn't for them.