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No rego=fail

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Banana.Monster, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. So bored, cant ride anywhere (bike ran out of rego last week and I havnt got the money to renew it). Now I remember how much relying on others for lifts and catching the bus was :(, hopefully not for too much longer.

    Good news if, my bikes all shiny now, everything works, side fairings stay on W/O sticky tape and its ready for rego when I get the cash.

  2. Rego on the bike is FTW!

    I hope you're on the road soon :grin:
  3. Are you can still take the bike for a spin! Just go aorund local roads.
  4. :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Coz accidents and police are never on local roads.

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  5. Dam you will have to get a RWC again!
  6. in nsw we have to get one every year (pink slip)
  7. Is there anything worse than having a shiny bike in the garage and not being able to ride it?

    Don't yield to the temptation to take it out, though; that Mercedes just down the road will cost a motza to fix out of your own pocket if you're unlucky enough to meet it.....
  8. As tempting as it may be....like Hornet600 says.

    When you least expect it, is when you'll get done or something will happen.

    Just think of how much more you are going to enjoy your ride when you do get back on \:D/
  9. Cleverlie.....That is some very stupid advice.

    Consider> Unreg/Un-insured =$750+ to OSR if you get caught, but worse, is if you damage anything belonging to someone else or worse still injure anyone and you are at fault, well bend over because you are completely un-insured, no cover for the cost of treating and rehabilitating someone or their lifetime care if need be. You could be paying for it for the rest of your life.

    If you can't afford rego, can you afford fines, or litigation.
  10. "Cleverlie" as in clever? That is stupid advice. :roll:
  11. Or Cleverlie as in LIE, mmm joke taken wrong way. :grin:
  12. ..If you can ride police aren't a problem, just don't ride with a plate on/fake plate or one that flips up. For crashing into people, Make sure you don't.
  13. I bet you have never been done for this or had anything unsightly happen to you in this situation or you simply wouldn't be offering this advice...there are times that you should just keep your thoughts to yourself.
  14. I could have been done in this situation but i didn't let that happen.
  15. ^^ Thanks for proving my point...no offence intended.
  16. Point isnt proven..and no offence taken. :)
  17. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

    You're a fully sic legend maaate!....Have you considered MotoGP yet?

    Meh I'm not getting into this. Have fun.

    To the OP, the ride will be so much sweeter after the wait buddy, stick in there.
  18. Guess i forgot who i was talking to but i guess some of you have to make us look good. :roll:

    Motogp, nah track riding is shit, i don't like the idea of a controlled environment.

    As for the legend thing, hmm. You never know.
  19. Who's up fo bets on how many posts Clever lie can make before he kills himself in a high speed fireball?
  20. That is a bad bet, he is suspended at present I believe :p so might take a while. But once he is riding again, I will see what odds you are offering.