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No Red Master Key for ZX6R

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by sparz, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I bought my 05 zx6r last year. At the time I didn't know about the red master key needed to reprogram new keys. I was only given 1 black key - private sale (yeah silly me - i gave the guy a down payment without asking about the keys and being a 20 year old and really wanting an upgrade i jumped at the bike without thinking) - now that i know ill be much more knowledgeable when i get my next bike!

    The key looks like its starting to get a slight bend in it - and i really cant afford to lose it/break.

    I've heard some people get quotes of upwards of $1500 to replace the ignition/immobiliser/ecu.

    I have read some people claiming they know others in the same situation and found locksmiths that could somehow program a new key without the master key. Anyone know of such a place? Looks like i might give a few people a call.
  2. Give msrc a ring there in sydney.
    But they can bye pass the imobiliser they can even do the hondas which are the hardest to do.
    You will prob have to send them your ecu just gove em a ring.
  3. Also try wet4uracing.com.au he can get you new keys coded to your ecu
  4. Motomatrix.com
    There are meant to be a few that say they can do it in this country. I wasted two months trying to chase them down. With no luck.
    I lost all my keys and it cost 220 pounds for my ECU to be reprogrammed and two master keys. They also fixed a fault in the ECU ??? And it took two weeks for it to return once I finally sent it over to Ian.
    Honda quoted $1859
  5. Wet4u is the australian agent for motomatrix
  6. same boat as you mate, had my bike over a year, key seems fine. but yeah, keen to see how you go, if you get it sorted, PLEASE let me know.

  7. Unfortunately he does not do the work though. He just re ships them on to Ian.
  8. sweet thanks for the replies! I've bookmarked motomatrix. Looks good

    Just not sure if i feel comfortable shipping over my Only key.

    Maybe ill wait and if something happens to it, then ill ship over my ecu. ha. I'd be keen for somewhere in Brisbane though
  9. The guys at Currimundi locksmiths are going to be doing it. They can do it now but the cost is huge.
    Have you tried Kawasaki themselves ??? I doubt you will get much love though.
    I've used Motomatrix. They are great. Ian is a good bloke. And now I have my key cut code and my ECU code and two master keys :)
    I would get out the old phone book and go through all the locksmiths. I had no luck up here on the Sunshine coast. But you never know.
  10. yes bretto you are right he doesnt do the work though he is looking at getting the gear off them to do it here.
    you send them your ecu they send you coded keys
  11. I used these guys to get a FZ6N going that had no keys.
    Funny thing was after all the searching and enquiries I found these guys about 5mins from where I live here in Melbourne.