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No red ecu key - important?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vtr_rida, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. Thinking of buying a bike with no red ecu key. Is that a really bad idea? Do you need it for anything other than if you lose the black key, ie. Starting up after flat battery, resetting ecu etc? Should i just avoid it all together?

  2. Bad idea dude
  3. Wot is a red ecu key?
  4. It's used by Kawasaki to make new black keys for the bike when required. They are coded to the ignition barrel and ecu or something.

    Does anyone know what else they are used for?
  5. it a dick around if you lose the black key.....most people say new ECU but we have managed to find a fix for them.If you keen on the bike and the figure is good then i wouldnt say dont buy it
  6. You cannot get a new black key if you dont have the red key ? Only option is a new ECU..

    Why is the red key missing is the first thing i would be worrying about..
  7. its not only kawasakis that have this system
  8. As long as you allow about $2000 for the replacement ECU and red key, you should be ok.

    Remember when you go to sell it, you'll have to offer $2000 off or a new ecu and red key.
  9. we can do pretty much all models.... and getting a key isnt much of a problem
  10. When you say we, are you talking about MCR? Where are you located?

    Does your system work on 05 zx6r's (636)? Does it compromise the bike at all? ie. ecu hacks/dodgy stuff
  11. yeah im not sure which bikes do.
    I know my old yamaha R6 had one - i needed that to recode my new key. It was a pain in the arse to find out how to do it, I couldnt find anything on the net but lucky after calling around I found a locksmith who rode bikes and had done one before. Honda wanted to charge me a $100 dollar recoding fee.... PFFFT and all it takes is to put the red key in then put the black key in a few times.

    I have a honda and i didnt get any red key. I only got 2 spares.
    So as long as you dont lose any you'll be alright.

    It has got me thinking does honda's have red keys with their HISS??
  12. Nope...it performs the same as the manufacture intends...and honda's dont use a training key (red key)....According to the manufacture ats all "taboo" playing with this type of thing...they have implemented the system to stop theft (which i think is great) but when an innocent owner lose's the key they bend him over and give it to him dry....I always make sure that whoever wants a key done is the legit owner before i agree to help them out...zx636 is not a problem...the computer is a blatant fleecing for that model from memory.....