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no rec reg or license

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by stanga169, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. going bush next weekend with a group, sum of which have no reg or license , where can i find info on fines etc. or can someone tell me what they are. Do they differ from shire to shire? how often do people get checked, i have only been riding a couple of months now and have not seen one dse officer or cop up gembrook way

  2. $500 or $600 for each.

    if the cops a bastard he will wait with the bike till you leave to get a trailer, or even till you get back.
  3. Its more a matter of thining about other riders when riding unregisterd, not what the fine will be, if your from victoria you have absolutely no excuse to be on an unregisterd bike. (rec rego)
    Now if the locals start jumping up and down about unregisterd bikes they will just have all motorcycles and 4X4's banned from using the area i can garuntee it beacuse its too hard to regulate.
    so on a whole is it really worth it?
    if your registerd you are being responsible, fcuk the rest of em imho.
  4. Keep it up and expect to get booked. The special solos can, do and will chase people. Don't expect to get away either.

    Seriously, is it that hard to get a license and rec reg? :shock:
  5. impossible :p
  6. back a few years the Whittlesea police dude would go up to Kinglake area, were the cars were parked around 4pm each Sunday and wait for the guys and girls to ride out then check the bikes and have a chat.. and or fine as required.. very time efficent and he had good views back then..
    +1 on getting caught and causing problems for the reguler users...

    also you may not get caught, how ever if some one comes off / hits tree / car etc, you have no TAC cover.. and it is a huge thing to miss out on, also if one is hurt bad then the Air Ambulance etc may be involved and well things kinda get expensive..
  7. well took ur advice and went today did not go with the no rego /no license group . Me and a mate went up to neerim only two up there all day great fun heaps of trails will be back for sure just need to get a new knobby the back was all over the shop . luckily we had the hilux cos a huge guntree had fallen over the road near the corner of whitehalls rd. had to go bush to get around the thing , dont know what we ha done if we took the wagon. (maybe thats why we were the only two up there )
  8. glad to hear you had a good ride...
    and damn those guntrees..
  9. yeah as soon as i read it back i noticed it but hey i was knackered, u dont notice how unfit u are until u go for a good ride