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N/A | National No reason to ban cell phones while driving, WTF?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by dsyfer, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/breaking-news/no-reason-to-ban-cell-phones-while-driving-study/story-e6frea73-1226324166533

    I don't think the researchers ride, I saw two txt'ers weaving all over the place today, one woman in a SS Dunnydore with her foot down madly txting away drifting into the other lane.

  2. I think you have missed the point... The key is found that educating drivers on the safer use of the devices was preferable to a total ban

    Question, if we scrapped the rules on mobile use currently in play, and more drives spoke on their mobile phones while driving, holding them (as opposed to a headset which is legal anyway) but less texted, what would you think?

    A secondary comment to that - I wonder if the current rule is actually counterproductive. I wonder with the current blanket ban, people think that they have less chance of being caught texting, holding it below window level to do so, rather than holding the phone to their ear and having a conversation.

    What's the difference between someone holding a mobile phone to speak on it, or smoking while driving? Or driving with one hand? The mobile conversation can happen anyway regardless - so the argument that the conversation is distracting is irrelevant unless we ban talking on mobile devices altogether - which with in car blutooth systems etc, is impossible.
  3. sweden = pussy whipped socialists living in a matriarchal state run by misandrists

    I wouldn't listen to anything those guys recommend - they gave the world volvos for goodness sake
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  4. can't tell the difference between a drunk driver and a driver on the phone.
    but can pick them a mile away.
    stay behind till safe to pass, fast and wide.
  5. Sorry, but 95% of drivers are not able to be educated, most would just see it as a free for all without the law in place to deter them. People in general do not do things due to it being wrong, they don't do it due to worrying about being caught. I don't really agree with hands free, I have seen too many people get carried away with the conversation they are having to know what is going on around them. I have seen people take the phone away from their ear look at it and go "seriously, I can't believe you just went there".

    Smoking is an automated response, thinking about what someone is saying computing it and responding takes a lot more brain power that could be used to concentrate on the job at hand.
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  6. So you agree with the TAC approach then I see and the way we do road safety in vic...

    The minute you say road users can't be educated, you are saying that more rules and laws is the path to safety.

    Yet talking while driving isn't a crime. You are even allowed to use your phone in doing so. i.e. The current law addresses nothing of what you just said.

    P.S. What mystical powers do you have to proclaim that car drivers can't be educated? In particular given it has never been seriously attempted...
  7. Yeah, that, but I think the point still stands that the police could already charge people driving dangerously if they wanted to, does the ability to charge them with mobile phone use really do any more good?

    If someone doesnt know to not use their phone where there are enough hazards to focus on, or dont know to pull over, what good can we expect the police to do? I dont want them to be road nannies and its better for all of us if we dont foster that.
  8. When it comes to the majority of the road users, they can't be educated into doing things the way they should be, unfortunately it's just human nature. People will do what suits them at the time, they won't and don't think "how will what I'm doing effect someone else" hence the reason we have road accidents.

    Don't really know anything about TAC, I'm in SA.

    About 5% of the population can actually make correct decisions without input, guidance and laws, unfortunately they are the same 5% that are effected by laws designed to keep the other 95% from killing themselves or others. That's not just on the road, but in life in general (I spent 3 years studying human behaviour and thought processes) that's where religion was born, to control the actions of the 95% by rules and laws.

    I think a lot of motorcyclists fall into the 5% that can think, and therefor get screwed by the rules for the other 95%.

    It's not just the talking that is the problem, it is the taking the focus off driving to answer, or dial that causes accidents. Watch people when their phone rings, their brain kicks into "Oh I must answer it mode, everything else gets bumped into second place". I especially like watching people drive manuals whilst talking on the phone, one hand on the phone, one to change gears, steering with the right knee.
  9. On that basis, you might as well avoid all road user training, motorcycles included.

    Where are you getting this data from, or is it just an opinion?

    So everyone but motorcyclists is a problem?

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist but....
  10. They wanted to ban urinals!
  11. that's really taking the pi$$
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  12. From the country that gave us 'Vision Zero'. Let's hope the two factions slap each other around a bit to save face.
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  13. If everyone drove or rode as they were instructed, there wouldn't be road accidents.

    Approximately <5% of drivers seek out advanced driver training at their expense, everyone else figures that they don't need it. They have the little rectangle bit of plastic with their photo on it, what else do you need.

    My conclusions are based on 3 years studying human behaviour and nature, as well as 34 years spent on the roads. Where do you think laws originated from? They were necessary to stop the majority of people offing themselves or others.

    I do believe I said "a lot of motorcyclists" not all. Motorcyclists in general have a bit more awareness of what other people's actions can do to them. Most drivers once getting their bike licence become much better and aware drivers than they were before.

    You need to be able to look outside of your own thought processes, and realise that not everyone thinks the way you do, laws are there for the masses, not the individuals that can think and apply logic at all times.

    The fact that governments abuse these laws to make money, doesn't alter the fact that they are a necessity for the majority of people.
  14. Once again, how do you know that? There are a lot of assumptions there...

    So have you done the research directly on road behaviour? Have you actually got the research or evidence to back it up? If not, then the above is largely irrelevant.

    Actually that is the entire point - I do think outside that, but I also don't just assume people are the opposite, or how they are at all. In the same way you can't assume they think the same, you can't assume they are at the other extreme either.

    I think you'll find the reason most drivers don't pursue further training, is because they aren't aware it is available and secondly the safety authorities market everything but driver training and education, because there is this flawed view that it doesn't work.
  15. Once again, where do you think laws come from? Why are they there? Why was religion invented?

    I don't think the reason people don't do advanced driver training is due to the lack of advertising (to use your argument, where is the figures) most people I ask about it say they don't need it because they aren't race car drivers, most people actually think they are amazing drivers/riders.

    But hey, if you think not having laws against using mobile phones whilst driving is a good idea, then I'm happy for you.

    Anyway, arguing on the internet is like masturbating with a cheese grater, slightly amusing but mostly painful.
  16. I dont know why the is an assumption that you cant catch people with phones in laps. A undercover bike lane splitting is going to see lots and get $ per hour that would stop people,
  17. Sorry, I should have qualified. You are quite right.

    However, people think they can get away with it, when it is below window level so do it regardless of the penalty because they don't think they will get caught.
  18. A few stories in the papers about people getting booked by the new undercovers would make them think. Or their friends getting done. How do you think people learnt about hoon laws and stopped doing burnouts.
  19. Was this study funded by Nokia?
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  20. Im often talking away inside my helmet into my smh10 thats bluetooth connected to my phone.
    I find it rather harmless, but i suppose im also more aware of the fact im ON THE BIKE and need to concentrate on the road and not the phone.
    In the car ill always pull over unless i answer for like 5 seconds to say 'call you back later'.