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No P's!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Junior, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,
    I've been a lurker for a while now and decided to put my 2c in cause
    I'm going for my licence tommorrow!
    I'm doing the Ride-Tek course in Dandenong. ($5 membership + $50 discount = good sense) :wink:

  2. WOOO-HOOO another terror on the road!
    Hope you pass with flying colours (so to speak) and enjoy the wonderful two-wheeled world.
  3. Welcome Junior and good luck :D .
  4. Welcome Junior .. it's a very good deal indeed. Good-luck tomorrow :)
  5. Welcome, good luck, and have fun!
  6. Let us know how it all went
  7. Hi and Good Luck Junior. I just got my licence and also done it at Ride Tec. I also done a pre learner course and got my learners from Ride Tec. Was a great lesson for me as myself I had NEVER been the rider of a bike. I just got myself a little GPX and love the open roads.

    Cheers and have loads of fun

  8. Welcome and good luck mate.

    :D :D
  9. G'day Junior - how did you get on?
  10. It all went really well.
    Took the ugly yellow square off the back of my bike this morning, now I have room to put on my new Netrider numberplate protector :)
    Doing emergency braking on a corner in the wet Melbourne weather was fun :eek: and got a chance to catch up with some guys from the forum, Tones and Slider
  11. A big CONGRATS to you junior. :) Good Luck and Safe Riding..

    Cheers Lainie
  12. Another temporary Australian ;) (So my boss puts it)

    Welcome aboard!
  13. Junior, welcome.

    Hope you don't mind a suggestion... consider getting yourself along to a bike skills course or two in the early days to set up all the good road craft and bike skills early on in your riding life. Set these habits now!

    There are some good roadcraft threads in here to help you on your way.


  14. Uhh.. I had a friend who said that to me once..

  15. Errr... Did he say "Welcome aboard" or "Another temporary Australian"? :LOL: 8-[ :LOL:

    Coz if it's the first one, I know this Navy guy who has the exact same tattoo right on his .... :p \:D/
  16. oh .. sorry.. temp aussie.. lol