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No protective gear besides helmet?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Caz no 2, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. From our ride up to the Gold Coast, I was surprised by the lack of gear being worn. Bare arms, shorts, thongs and no gloves.

    Since I started riding I have been taught to not get on without helmet, jacket, Kevlar pants, boots and gloves.

    Is this just a Victorian and NSW thing????

    I could not justify not wearing gear, just incase.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Really? Do we have to go through this again.
    I'm ATGATT but that is a personal decision only. I'd be more concerned with what else is happening on the road than checking out what riders are wearing.
  4. It's the Gold Coast - ice makes you invulnerable.
  5. I am embarrassed if I am not wearing my proper clothing... it's like other motorcyclists will be judging me... haha.

    But if I am late for uni, it's a very hot day... I will wear regular jeans, helmet and gloves
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  6. you might realise quite soon that its ****ing hot in queensland.

    Wear whatever gear you like, somedays im in a race suit, some days im in skinny jeans and a jacket, somedays im in shorts and t shirt, it depends on conditions, how im feeling and where im riding too and when.

    Kevlar jeans are also the biggest load of shit to hit motorcycling ever.
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  7. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! that is all!
  8. Damn right. Nothing beats the protective power of the cardigan. Anything made since then has all just been a load of shit.
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  9. Concentrate on the road and your riding than what other riders are wearing. There are enough gifted individuals out there on the road who swear by the "oops, didn't see the motorcycle" notion.

    Ride safe :)
  10. What is this based on?
  11. Are they riding their bike legally?

    People live and value their lives differently.
  12. Would you Atgatt on a 2 minute ride to the corner shop? Nope. 2 Hour ride ? Yeap.

    You find the middle point that you're comfortable with. That's all.
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  13. Tis' the season to be squidding fa la la la la la la.
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  14. I am happy to let Darwin sort it out.

    Again the best way to stop yourself getting injured while riding a bike is, NOW HANG ON I AM ABOUT TO GIVE YOU ALL SOME EARTH SHATTERING ADVICE.

    It appears that not everyone realises the best way to stay safe is NOT to crash.
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  15. Yes. There's a lot of cars between home and the nearest shop, and a lot of them like to pull out of sidestreets without looking for bikes.

    It's longer rides where I'd be more inclined to ditch some of the gear, especially if it's a quiet road/ride (not all 2 hour rides have to be ridden at race pace through a set of twisties).
  16. WHAT? every ride has to be ridden at race pace. Otherwise I might as well take the cage.
  17. How do you know they're not wearing invisible gear. Don't bring your outlandish assumptions to netrider.
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  18. ^ This, I reckon one of the most dangerous places I ride is in the car park at my local shopping centre, no F##ker is paying any attention and apparently 60kph is quite ok as a speed.

    Cheers Jeremy
  19. The car park? do you not know where there are any good roads to use? :D

    (Sorry, bored at work if people have not noticed)
  20. What makes you think a carpark can't be a good road.
    Try searching youtube for "motorcycle gymkhana" ;).