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No Power

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Banga, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Having a bit of an issue with the good old moto, wondering if anyone here might have any ideas or may be able to help.
    Bike is a 1999 Suzuki Sv650s

    Now the problem is I can't get the bike to start, or for that matter there is no power going to the instrument panel/gauges.

    So far I have had a look through the fuses, they all seem fine, swapped them round and all is good, battery connections seem ok too. I have taken them off and reconnected, without success.

    Basically the problem started last week when I rode back from uni, I turned the bike off to open the garage at home, jumped back on the bike, tried to start it and no power :S
    It has never happened before and just seemed odd as the bike wasn't sitting around and I had just ridden it for an hour or so.

    Appreciate any help or ideas

    Kind regards


  2. Quick search of the internet reveals this seems to be a common problem, with a common solution.
    The main fuse (30 amp) isn't actually in the fuse box - but hiding under a plastic cover on the starter relay.
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  3. as i work in IT kinda.. we do love the stupid suggestions.. havnt knocked the kill switch by accident have you?
  4. I will check that out, thanks for the suggestion, I should apologise for not being more vigilant and doing a quick Google search before posting :S

    Most definitely not Portagrug!
    There is no power going to the gauges whatsoever, no lights or anything on the dash. However I did try turning the kill switch on and off a few times for the sake of checking ;)
  5. I didn't have power - same scenario. Turns out the connection to the kickstand killswitch was loose. This (of course) was the last thing I checked. Luckily the MadAss has a kickstart or I wouldn't have been going anywhere until I sorted it out...
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  6. Ahhh well.. i was either going to be a ledgend or a goon.. :)
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  7. Guy's first off thank you for the responses!
    Funnily enough problem has been found and will be remedied as soon as possible :D

    The starter relay was fine as was the wiring from it.
    In the end it happened to both the positive connection to the battery and the battery itself, luckily it is easy enough to fix...

    Can't wait to get back on the road!