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No power to wheels

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MadStu, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    I have an issue with my FZ6 that is making it nonoperational, I was hoping the collective wisdom of netrider could help me identify possible problems and solutions. As of this morning I am having an issue where when I put my bike into gear and release the clutch I don't move. The engine seems to be running normally and the speedo shows a speed on it.

    A bit of back story of what happened before this problem started. Yesterday I noticed that my headlight as not working, either on normal or high beam. The 'park' light above the main headlight is still working, as are all other lights (indicators, tail light, brake light etc). I took the front headlight off and replaced the globe but this did not resolve that issue, I unscrewed the 2 bolts from the front of the tank to see if there was any obvious issues with the wiring. I couldn't find any so I screwed the tank back into place, reattached the headlight and put my bike in the garage. When I pulled my bike out this morning to go to work, I encountered the issue with the lack of drive to the wheels.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what might be the problem and possible solutions?


  2. Did you put it in gear? Has someone pinched your chain ?

    I can't see how a non working headlight can stop a bike moving by not selecting a gear.
  3. Yes I put it in gear, yes the chain is still there.
    I put the history in there because I didn't know if when I went under the tank to check the wiring if I could have bumped, knocked or broken something that could have caused this. The timing just seemed too coincidental.
  4. Stuck in neutral surely? Otherwise theres major clutch issues.

    If you lift the back wheel off the ground does the wheel move at all with the engine running and the clutch out, either in neutral or gear?
  5. did you dislodge the clutch cable when playing around? look underneath the clutch lever to see if the cable is in place.
  6. um.....get it off the centre stand.....:angel::angel:

    In all seriousness...any strange noises, clunks etc
    when in gear and turning, is the chain moving / rotating ? ie just the back wheel not turning...or is the chain not moving, just the engine and gearbox indicating that the output shaft/countershaft sprocket may be at fault.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll check them out when I get home from work.

    The clutch cable is fine so it's looking like it'll be something beyond my technical nous to fix.
  8. A little more info would be good.
    If I had no drive
    Stop the bike. Make sure its in 1st. That the gear selector is working. that you can feel it clicking into gear. yes.. Push it. Does it resist.
    No.. maybe you have stripped the gear selector. Or worse broken internals.
    Yes. Chain,sprockets,drivegear all good. I am stuffed lol
    No. Rear sprocket on and chain on. Yep.
    Front sprocket and chain on. Yep.
    Internals.... I am stuffed call mate with ute.
  9. Then you are getting drive at least as far as the speedo pickup (gearbox?)
    I'm guessing you would tell us about any grinding or unusual noises? (output shaft )
    I'm thinking something around the front sprocket/primary drive chain...
  10. Just to double check, the engine doesn't stall???

    You can't see the chain moving?

    then I'd say you've stripped the spline on the front sprocket or output shaft. Let's hope it's the sprocket.
  11. If its less than a year old I'd be calling the dealer and asking for a warranty fix.

    - boingk
  12. The gears and electrics are not connected,
    Stripped gear lever if its not engaging,
    If you can hear it changing gear, and still no go, Dud clutch. front sprocket spline, Kaput.
    Dud clutch would have been slipping before hand, or making weird noises,
    Could even be a nut that has come loose inside, It would still make noises, or grinding sounds,
    Front sprocket would make noises,
    Clutch cable could be seized. not allowing the clutch to engage, No noises,
    You havent crushed the clutch cable removing and replacing the tank, also a possibility,
  13. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for all of your input. I found that the issue was the front sprocket had slipped off the gearbox.


  14. hey stu make sure its put back on properly if it "slips" off while riding will be very dangerous