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No power after small off-ing.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by flashman2, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Don't know what I did. I have a TGB 150cc Voodoo.

    I had an off the other day on Melbourne's wet tram tracks and went down on the right, hitting the side and the handle bars. Wasn't going at speed, was almost stopped but now the throttle can be wide open and gives me now power - it cralls up to 20kmph then still till 40kmph - and I can't get it to 60 if I tried. Noramally I can glide at 100 no problem and reach that speed fairly quickly.

    Is there something I can do/look at to fix this or will I need to have it serviced.


  2. Hey there!

    First thing i'd check is the throttle cable ... possible got loose from the small fall ...

  3. Is that one of those motorised skateboards?
  4. Your exhaust pipe exits on the right. Have you checked that the drop hasn't crimped it shut or cracked it near the cylinder head?

    Does the twistgrip move as smoothly and as far now as it did before the stack?

    Have you checked under the tail for hanging hoses and stuff like that? It's not implausible that the rubber manifold connecting the carburettor to the cylinder head has bee dislodged at either end...
  5. Yes. It was more of the bike spinning out from under me so it only landed (what I thouhgt) not very hard.

    No, broken hose, cracks, and the twistgrip works the same from what I can tell. Im going now to check the cables to see if they are loose.

    Note this is my first scooter so my knowledge is very limited.


  6. Sometimes a critical vaccuum hose can come off when you have a stack and that will affect how the fuel system performs. Good luck with it.


  7. most probably a problem with the pycost

    :? sounds a bit sus to me.
  8. Ok - I'll play the straight man..

    Hey, Sobil...What's a pycost?

  9. About $3 off the lunch truck.....

    ahahahahahahahahaha, i crack myself up

    thanks for humoring me