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No place to race

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by mattb, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. This is pretty old and yet I can't find it linked on here at all. I just saw it for the first time - a great ad, and a great example of what such ads can be like to get a really effective message across without insulting riders.

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  2. I have always thought it was a good advert
  3. First time I've seen this ad, the TAC should use this instead of their junk
  4. this is great! Effective and straight to the point
  5. Did anyone else spot the big yellow Harley at 20secs?
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  6. You bastard I looked over the video 3 times before I worked that one out :LOL:
    I think I only ever saw the add twice on TV before it vanished. Pitty.
  7. Best motorcycling ad I think I've ever seen.
  8. Should have been Headlined-no place to crash.
    Racing rarely ends in a crash.
    So for me-just another crap adddddd.
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  9. At first i thought "errr...WTF is a bus stop doing on a track"...

    Very good ad though