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NO?? pink ribbon run 2008

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NJG, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Not to sure if this is true, but i heard there is no pink ribbon run this year.
    This cannot be true is it ?? :(

  2. Thanks vic
    Can we still do a ride just for the hell of it and donate some money......
  3. me and my chequebook and my little 'prilla are in-like-Flynne
    Pink ribbon is my favourite charity
    if anything deserves to be saved, it's breasts.
  4. south australia are still having a pink ribbon run...
  5. From my understanding it is only Victoria that is not having the ride due to the actions of one person.

    If you werent around for the fallout last year, then you missed out on some great viewing.

    End of topic.
  6. Somebody boobed? :p
  7. Wait, so is it cancelled across all of Australia?
    This really sucks - who dropped the ball??
  8. No - only the Victorian one was cancelled this year
  9. Ok thanks to the couple of people who shot me the link to the old thread.
    All i can say is what a load of hysterical uninformed garbage on the part of a couple of people.

    Yes there is an argument that disclosure could have been better regarding the donations, and for that the committee should be smacked. (with a heavy feather).
    BUT having said that anyone who thinks there was ""misappropriation" is so wrong it's not funny. All the funds went to support Breast Cancer. End of story.
    It's quite permissable to spend mony on related matters, (expenses for example) as long as the bulk goes where it is supposed to.
    And I'm happy to debate it legally with the person involved!

    I'm actually quite P1SSED OFF that the aforesaid people with thier whinges ruined this event! They are a fun day for a great cause.

    Standing offer. I'll be the legal eagle for the next one! Free. (If it can be done by email / phone / occasional trip to Melb).

    End of rant.
  10. The "bulk" of it?

    Some charities send less than 20 percent of donations received to where the donors expected their dough to go to.

    Then there's one major international aid organisation that has this country's name in its title and had a former PM running the show which had a Taj Mahal as its corporate HQ and had a Learjet at its disposal. And a poofteenth of the dough went to those who were supposed to be the recipients of it.

    These days I'm extremely picky as to who I donate things to. Too many of them seem to be in the "business" of being a charity, without being a charity first and a business second.

    Hopefully the Pink Ribbon org is in the latter category. I've been on the PRR and I could not think of a worthier cause, unless it's a kid's charity.
  11. Organising the Vic ride was a personal cause for those involved. The ungrateful rediculous catastrophising and threats bought to bare by an individual against members of the committee, ripped the heart out of those involved. It's a sad pathetic story and shouldn't have ever happened.

    I accepted an offer to join the '08 PRMR committee, but I don't have the time to drive it. It takes a lot of effort and passion to drive this event.

    The previous committees and their members should be roundly and resoundingly applauded.
  12. Its a pity with what went down after last years ride, because now everybody is the loser. Especially, those organisations that would have benefited from the funds raised, who need the funds raised to continue their valuable work. :mad:
  13. I also happily accepted Vics invitation to help organise this years event. ( As chief organisier of the original ride all those years ago I felt that I had something to contribute.) We had 2 meetings and some good brainstorming for this years event. I may have missed something here but I heard on the grapevine that it was cancelled and then kept hearing about people jeopardising this event - and posts being pulled from the announcements section. So, I have no idea whats going on. And yes, it is way too big for just 1 or 2 people to run. I managed to give it 100 % 6 years ago cause I was unemployed at the time. ( And I had the tremendous help of ICE and Twingirl too!)

  14. you're all welcome to ride to Adelaide & come on our Pink Ribbon ride.
  15. Can we all crash at your place?
  16. If you let Loz go along, someone's bound to crash... :p :LOL:
  17. That's not necessary.
  18. I agree. However someone should have advised you guys on the facts at the time. (Or you should have asked)
    My advice would have been simple. Tell the instigator to put up or shut up. And then henceforth ignore them.
    (I also would have asked NR to ban thier user ID).
    Thier meaningless drivel had no legal basis.
  19. Dave, a few of the previous Commitee were told by their employers, that their job was on the line, because of the fallout from last year.
    Any wonder that they all took a backward step.