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No one sends me PM's

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BLABBUS TOOLICUS, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. No body,nix,nada.
    Well thats not entirely true,I've had two-one from Mouth,one from Smee.
    Neither of them ended well.

    Come on-you know you want to.

    Yours in anticipation,

  2. Will you be posting any that you receive? Sans names or identifying features ofcouse
  3. On it's way i feel your pain............
  4. The danger of starting a thread like this, is that your inbox can suddenly explode with activity.
  5. should I-
    Im new to this PM thing.

    Usually I cant post for a couple weeks after a PM.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Blabbus has a print out of all member names entitled "list to kill", and will remove the names of anyone who sends him a PM.

    Better send him one for safety.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  7. You need to nod more, you cant expect pm's if you dont nod
  8. Or conversely if you do send a PM you could be put on the list. After all Mouth and smee have already sent PMs.

    What a dilemma, to PM or not PM, that is the question.
  9. Nah Blabbus would never kill Smee. He would be too bored after.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  10. I sent a PM. It hasn't been posted or replied to.

    Blabbus is a tease. It's been, like, five hole minutes. Why hasn't he called me? WHY DAMNIT WHY???!!!!!!!!!111
  11. Still waiting on a PM from John.
  12. Dont make me publish it.
  13. PM sent
  14. Is this GT John.
  15. You're just jealous, he gave me one. Nod I mean.
  16. There once was an internet foolicus...
  17. Nod ? I dont even wave to ****s I know.
  18. I nominated blab bus to be a mod in my pm

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  19. i charge 10$ for a standard PM 15$ if any brain activity is required

    PM me for my paypal address (standard PM charges apply)